Will the PS4 have an optical disk drive?

PS4talk writes:

The revolution of the internet is in full swing, as is the drive on reducing our 'carbon footprint'. With internet speeds continuing to increase, such things as downloadable movies and game demos for the current PS3 have become available. If Sony decide to insist on all PS4 content being downloadable only it would remove the need for an optical disk drive.

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TrevorPhillips3630d ago

that would be a great idea but i don't know if they will do that yet

beardtm3630d ago

Will there even BE a PS4?

Is it even worth it for Sony?

phosphor1123630d ago

I dont think broadband will be up to par to download 8g+ games, so yes it will have one, more than likely a bluray drive still..unless they really do hold this PS3 for another 8 years like they said they would.

Come back in another 5 - 6 years, then start speculating.

LethalToxins3630d ago

I see why you've lost so many bubbles.

Yes, there will be a PS4 and yes, there will be an XBOX3.

yojoe263630d ago're kidding.......right?? Oh...a joke....hehe...he.(clears throat). Well I guess from a certain point of view it wouldn't be worth it for them. That is if you hate incredible high def movies and games, Incredibly solid and reliable hardward, and the highest technology available in the console market. know.....

RussDeBuss3630d ago

25GB on a 5Mbps conection will take 55hours+, I can see games being a lot bigger than 25GB, MGS5?.

I know by the time PS4 comes out many conections will be faster, but there will still be plenty of places where they cant even reach 1Mpbs now.
also, many broadband providers have usage caps, some as low as 5GB, or lower.
seriously, the net infrastructure is just not up to total mainstream Digital Distribution yet, and will not be for many years to come.
htye may have games available for download as an option, like they do with GT5p and warhawwk, etc., but will be optional. you sill still be able to, and most people will, get the games on disc. be it bluray, or something newer, like the pioneer 400GB thing

acedoh3630d ago

Having most games available for download but they will not get rid of an optical drive or some type of place to take games. Broadband is just starting to become established and it will take at least ten years before a nation wide standard is the norm. Expect the PS5 but not the PS4. Even with downloads only you would have to have a very large hard drive considering many PS3 games tip over 10 gigs and some are over 20 gigs.

NaiNaiNai3630d ago

the idea of DL games is great but only for jnp and euro. since the US hasn't fully gotten into fast internet. Euro has connection of 50+mbp for less the 50 bucks a month same for Jpn

lokiroo4203630d ago

Without a disc drive say goodbye to buying used games and selling used games, you will be stuck with your purchases, I say that is a really bad idea, Gamestop's across america tremble with fear!

buy a ps33630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

beardtm: Will there even BE a PS4?
Is it even worth it for Sony?
answer: YES! if something makes a business millions of dollars(US) their going to so more of it.

AuToFiRE3630d ago

NO its not a good idea, in fact if sony does, they will lost a lot of money because a lot of people dont have the bandwidth

Fallen_Angel3630d ago

LOL ps4 using DD only wouldnt that be funny seeing how all the ps3 fanboys are saying DD will fail.

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Fishy Fingers3630d ago

Yes, a Blu-Ray drive (probably 4 or 6X).

Panthers3630d ago

You sure?
PS1: CD Drive
PS2: DVD Drive
PS3: Blu-Ray Drive
PS4: ??? But I bet its an upgrade.

hay3630d ago

Well, IF 400gb bd's will be available to the market(not as some uber awesome magical formats which are capable of holding gadzillion of bytes but we don't hear about them anymore, soon after the news) only upgrade will be needed since it may be able to hold data needed for quad hd. But if someone invent cheap and affordable technology that can store more than bd on single layer disc it may be a replacement. It all depends.

RyuStrife3630d ago

I actually think it might be a 12x blu ray that reads 400gb BD-R and BDRE(unless they take that out for preventing Piracy?). There's already an 8x blu ray. haha

xhairs93630d ago

I don't think they'll remove the drive simply for one thing: piracy. How many of you right now have multiple user names on your PS3 so you can download your friends games he bought from the PS Store? My point exactly, they're going to have to do away with this which brings up another problem, what if you lose your game? Can you re-download it? Etc. etc. There's just too many other issues right now with no answers to be able to do away with the disc drive.

However, we still have 8 more years left in the PS3 before we worry about answering these.

SaiyanFury3630d ago

The next PS console will most likely have an optical drive of some form. Whether it's a standard BD drive for which the discs can be up to 400GB, an ungraded version or some other media format. I seriously doubt that DD will be in the next PS simply because it's not practical at a time like this or in the near future. With games getting so large, even with compression and the internet infrastructure as it is, it's just not feasible. Sure, some people might have access to connection speeds up to and beyond 25mbps, but those connections are usually very expensive and even then with the current trend of ISPs throttling large amounts of bandwidth it wouldn't make sense to DD to be a major software delivery model. I, myself have access to only 1.5mbps and at best can download at a maximum speed of 150KB/second. I'd need to be able to get more like 1.5MB/second for DD to be a viable option.

no-spin3629d ago

The tendency in the Play Station brand has been to use the newest media format available. PS1 said no to cartridge, CD in. PS2 took DVD And PS3 Blue Ray. its difficult to predict such a thing, but most surely like you said, they will be using whatever is the newest media at the time. Doubt it will be DD only though.

Play Station will keep going until the end of Sony as we know it. PS has had great success, and the PS3 is going to stay with us for a long time, even after PS4 is out.

Currently i enjoy PSP + PS2 + PS3
Great Products for everybody needs

hfaze3629d ago

Honestly, it will need some sort of optical drive for PS3 backwards compatibility.

One thing that is common for a Playstation console is a lack of titles at launch. Backward compatibility at least allows you to play your older games (and usually graphically enhanced a bit... God of War II looked amazing on my 60GB PS3 connected to my 1080p 37" LCD, not so great when I connected my PS2 to the TV using component and 1080i.)

Sony may want to start moving towards digital distribution, but I think that the PS4 will still be a bit too early... It may end up being the stepping stone to 100% digital distribution with the PS5.

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OgTheClever3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

It would be foolish not to with all of the bandwidth caps starting to appear now. Also a faster Blu Ray drive will most likely be sufficient since the discs have far more room to improve in size as opposed to DVD from the PS2 days.

pp3630d ago

Their will be NO PS4 Sony is already in a debt which thanks to PS3 its going to take Sony 20yrs to clear.

GVON3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

unless they use a the advancement to the current Ps3 cell and a few more SPU,lets say 30,and use a standard HD format called blu-ray,all these prices should be quite cheap by lets say 2014,and Sony's early investment will begin to take shape,they could even have the price advantage because Msoft and Nintendo don't have their own hardware tech in their back pockets.

But then you could be right,nobody knows what will happen.

pupu3630d ago

bu bu bub bu bub the cell!!!!!!!11

PS3 only using 30% of the cell CONFIRMED!

PS4 to be a flop FACT!

Stubacca3630d ago

Man you suck! Making wild specultion about how a company manages it's finances. Who are you? Former CEO of RBS?

Let's just get this straight. The PS3 dominates the console market in ability. It might not have the sales volumes of the wii, but who cares? I own an amazing system that trumps all others and aint goin anywhere anytime soon. It's my preference. Deal with it and get a life. FACT!

This site is goin to the fanboy dogs.

Lykon3630d ago

PP you know what? As much as i love you and want to tickle your balls for being cheeky, sometimes you really do suck elderly mens unwashed anus's. I'm talking with bits of encrusted tiolet paper and traces of fecal matter from 1 month ago.

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Why o why3630d ago

thats for sure. Why take backwards steps

hfaze3629d ago

Why not? Microsoft did! ;-)

And technically, the Wii did as well... The GC used mini DVD discs (kinda like for DVD camcorders), and they just went with full-sized DVD discs this time... ;-)

But I do agree... Onwards and upwards!