Console Monster: Snakebyte Wireless Retro Wii Controller Review

Console Monster writes: "The Wii has had its fair share of accessories since its launch. If you browse the virtual shelves on the Internet you'll most likely come across tennis rackets, baseball bats, zappers and steering wheels; but surprisingly there are hardly any third-party Classic controllers available to the Wii gamer.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and it is Snakebyte who plans to add some diversity with their Wireless Retro Controller for Nintendo's Wii console. It's clear that the main competition for Snakebyte's Wireless Retro Controller is Nintendo's official offering. The problem facing the official pad is with its oversized Super Nintendo form factor. Unless you have hands like ET, it just isn't comfortable for the average gamer, who are today used to the comfort of an Xbox or PlayStation controller. Thankfully this has been addressed with the Wireless Retro Controller, which has more thickness to it and thus making the pad a pleasure to grasp. Ironically the pad resembles a similar form factor to Super Nintendo's rival at the time – the SEGA Mega Drive. The pad's edges are much thicker than the 80's console controller which makes holding it around the edges much more comfortable..."

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