Gameplayer: GTA IV PC Review

Gameplayer Writes:
After a stack of lead-up information, a ratings controversy, and a whole lot of video editor trailers, the inevitable PC port of GTA IV is finally here. We're not going to bog you down with needless exposition that has already been covered in our extensive seven page review, instead we will focus on what new stuff the PC port brings to the table.

Niko Bellic arrives in Liberty City from Eastern Europe expecting to find the American dream being lived out by his cousin Roman. When he arrives, Liberty City turns out to be a lot less like Roman's letters and a lot more like the life of crime he left behind in his homeland. Gameplay takes place in a sandbox city where you attempt to fulfil various mission objectives by stealing cars, whacking fools and making friends. Now while we may have given the console version of GTA IV a well-deserved 10/10, is the PC port of the same calibre?

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J BO3630d ago

I thought it will be much lower for crab game.