Top 10 Nicest Asses in Videogames - #7

Ripten's guessing that most of you have no clue where this booty came from. As you may be able to tell, those are pixels in the picture - that's right, this ass is old school! Check out who made her way to number 7 on Ripten's Top 10 Nicest Asses countdown. As always, please be aware that some of the content may be 'Not Safe For Work'.

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Twizlex3659d ago

Holy crap! I totally remember thinking the same thing when I was younger. What an awesome retro choice!

Cookigaki3659d ago

Dammit, Twizlex beat Cookigaki to it. Cookigaki was going to submit this and was also going to say the same thing about Dark Queen. Bootylicious indeed!

Dan Landis3659d ago

It's a shame there's no better pictures of her. I just did a google search and couldn't find anything at all. I'm not sure where they found some of those pics.

Twizlex3659d ago

Did you see the "cosplay" chick? It looks just like her! If they ever do a Battletoads movie, she should totally play the Dark Queen.

Cookigaki3659d ago

That Wonder Woman video is long. Cookigaki does not believe in waiting 20 minutes to see boobies!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

These two are both idiots, The Top 10 Nicest Asses in Video Games, come on! It's when idiot journalists like Dan Landis has nothing constructive to do with his time that he has to label male gamers as horny people.

It's when gamers fight for gamer rights while journalists like Dan Landis is doing nothing but fuelling the fire. It's like when Black people fight for Black Rights and another Black person steals making the whole point of the fight a joke.

Don't get me wrong I understand there is such a thing called "adult content" but really does anyone have any morals? This is the kind of acts that journalists who have went through school (educated) and are well over 18 can't think straight. What makes it worse Dan gives links to nudity and one by someone called "johndee666" on a site that is predominately populated by kids. It’s one thing that Chad Lakkis (Founder/Editor-in-Chief) allows this to be published on his site, but it’s another thing when Twizlex publishes it on I don’t know maybe want to be known for adult content maybe not, I just find it unethical to post it on

What's next, talking about a scene in adult films with super hero customs? If this site is about this kind of content you won't be seeing me on again.

Twizlex3659d ago

Get off your high horse and go preach your morals somewhere else. Videogames in general are very violent, but I don't see you complaining that every Gears of War story should be taken down because it contains so much gore. Sex is natural; murder is not. Think about that.

LeonSKennedy4Life3659d ago

I'm with you on this one. Where have our morals gone?

Yes, sex is natural...but it's also an addiction...just like alcohol or drugs. Men get sucked into their own little perverted worlds all the time.

Violence in video games will not be carried over into the real world. Sex will. That's just how it is.

He's right about the black thing too. If black people don't want to carry that "thug" image around with them forever, they should start by getting out of the ghettos. Bill Cosby's been saying it for years. Don't complain about your something about it. Rappers are nothing but motivational speakers for ignorance. (Not all rappers, but most.)

How does that not make sense to people?

Twizlex3659d ago

I get what you're saying, LeonSKennedy4Life, and I agree with some of it. But why do you think that violence would not carry over but sex would? That doesn't really make sense. Sexual people seek out sexual things and violent people seek out violent things. That's simple psychology.

On the other hand, I believe that people ARE influenced by what they are exposed to, but that's not generally going to turn a gamer into a sex fiend or a murderer. Personally, I find the ability to act on my aggressions in a fantasy realm (i.e. videogames) soothing. If I get angry or sexually frustrated, I can play a videogame and vent those frustrations by curb-stomping some Locusts or watching Lara Croft's ass wiggle. I see it as a release that prevents me from doing questionable things in the real world, and I don't see why anyone would consider that a bad thing.

No Way3659d ago

Y'all need to lighten up.. Lol.

LethalToxins3658d ago

I guess someone doesn't remember the Florida XBOX murders. Or how often people commit violent crimes over GTA. The history between violence and videogames goes a long way back. Sex isn't exactly in the video game spotlight. When's the last time you heard the "Oh, I raped that girl because sex is in a video game" defense? Or how about teachers banging their students because they played Leisure Suit Larry? I don't really see any validity in your argument about sex. Especially when you can find it for free on the internet...

Sitdown3658d ago

Haha..I would encourage you not to waste your time...I was told the same thing with regards to getting over myself with regards to having morals. I understand where you are coming from and have similar views. I am pretty sure you also find this statement interesting, "Sex is natural; murder is not. Think about that." That very statement would express why having violence is different in video games as oppose to sex. Because sex is is more of a reality to one's world..and therefore one would be more prone to issues with it. Where as with violence you first have to make it become natural.and then go from there. I mean just from a biological standpoint...for the average individual your response to sexual images is going to be greater than seeing violence. the end of the day just realize that some people will not get your value system...or want to get yoru value system......because in doing so it forces them to really look at their world. I mean just because I find it sad that somebody has to lust after a cartoon..doesn't mean everybody feels the same way...the same as with bestiality..I mean where do you draw the line, and how do you justify it.

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GaMr-3659d ago

some dudes just really need to go get laid. Video game asses..... (SMFH)

Twizlex3659d ago

...says the guy with a picture of an ass for his avatar.

GaMr-3659d ago

true. but Video game asses.. come on guys! keyword here is "VIDEO GAME"

that is a little pathetic! and im infamous on this site for the "real life ass avatar" just ask around about GaMr-

Cookigaki3659d ago

Pictures are pictures, movies are movies. Neither of them are actually women. Unless you are having sex with your monitor, Cookigaki doesn't see a difference between looking at the shape of a CG woman and the shape of a real woman. And what about paintings of real women or 3D models in games that are recreations of real women? The Beauties in Metal Gear Solid 4 are all real women, so are they an exception? Either way, N4G-GaMr is still being a hypocrite.

No Way3659d ago

I've never heard of you...

INehalemEXI3659d ago

I remember your infamous arse avatars. However I like the fusion of great booty and great games.

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cactuschef3659d ago


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