TweakTown: MSI IM-945GSE-A Mini-ITX Fanless Atom Motherboard Review

TweakTown writes: "While we like to look at all the high-end motherboards at TweakTown, we also like to focus on some of the smaller, more budget oriented choices that come to the scene. It's not the large enthusiast based hardware that manages to make it into the average mainstream or HT PC and you won't find any ATX boards in car PC's or project PC's, it's most always the mini that gets all the action.

Since VIA introduced to us the Mini-ITX motherboard factor through its EPIA based PC's all those years ago, it's been an untapped market; that is until now. With VIA's Nano processor really pulling all the stops to be the most efficient and best performing low power CPU, along with Intel right on their heals with Atom, Mini-ITX is really getting some heat."

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