Bjorn3d: Sapphire HD 4830 Review

Bjorn3d writes: "After taking a look at my last Sapphire video card and being totally impressed, I was more than willing to take a look at their latest offering in the 4800 series family. The HD 4830 is basically a cut down version of Sapphire's HD 4850, and by doing so, Sapphire is able to offer it at a much lower price point while offering pretty close to the same overall performance, or so that's what Sapphire is saying anyways. We'll find out just how well (or bad) the card does soon enough."


+Great Performance (bang for your buck)
+Overclocking Ease
+DX 10.1
+Crossfire Ready
+Good Cooling Solution (except for video ram)


-Exhausts Hot Air into Chassis
-No Game in Bundle
-No heat sinks on video ram
-Doesn't come in a 2 pack
-No CrossFire bridge included

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