Xbox 360: Troubled Times in 2009

The Xbox 360 had a great year, but will 2009 be as good or is there trouble ahead for Microsoft and the Xbox 360.

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jack who3631d ago

worst looking site have seen dos far

pupu3630d ago

Resistance 2 flop of the year 2008 CONFIRMED!!

earwax3630d ago

"The Xbox 360 is predicted to have had an amazing November".

Not only are November NPD hardware sales expected to be 800,000 units (a 3.9% increase over '07), but software sales were also on the up. The big winner being Gears of War 2 and its 2 million copies. Check out the bulleted list of facts we gathered after browsing through EEDAR's November NPD predictions.

Xbox 360's 800,000 in sales are more than double the PS3's 375,000.
Gears of War 2 expected to top the charts at 2 million copies.
World at War sells big to the tune of 1.4 million copies.
Left 4 Dead sold a reasonable 300,000 units.
Mirror's Edge was a sales flop, not in the top 10.

And yet the PS3 is on life support but hey this is N4G, the "save the PS3" site

tomfoolery3630d ago

so true earwax.
Sony is getting stomped right now.
I love how the SDF auto pilot right into their...."just wait" line,
or my favorite......"RROD" desperation crap.

PS3 is a fail......plain and simple,for the common and uncommon gamer alike this gen.

Kush_Reaper3631d ago

LMAO that is an epic picture *leaves quitely*.


Saint Sony3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

There's more than enough games for 2009. I personally think the idea of MS "going casual" is good, 360 needs more casual friendly games than FPS. Also the so called "hardcore gamers" are minority amongst the all gamers.

Nintendo did go casual from the begining with Wii and I think we all know the results.


They said the same about 2008 but look at it now :)

Mr_Bun3631d ago

The #1 reason in the article is lack of lineup for the 360...I wanted to read the comments to see what people had to offer to combat that remark (I am contemplating purchasing a 360)...the only response I heard was Alan Wake.

Is that it? A game that has been delayed and still might not make it out in 2009?

40 Year Old Virgin3631d ago

star ocean 4 and ninja blade :/

kewlkat0073631d ago

what about the current Xbox 360's library? If you can find any game worth getting currently on the 360..then you don't need one.

Stay away don't waste your money. Simple as that.
There are those lol always waiting for 1 game to purchase the 360 or maybe 2, or maybe 2 games. Wait till after 4-5 years if your sensitive about the library.

Again ever since E3 we know ms doesn't showcase much of the lineup and whatever Sony showcases is not gaurunteed to live up to the hypes or sell. We see it right now.

Anon19743631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

KRUSSIDULL - said "They said the same about 2008 but look at it now :)"

2008 was a terrible year as a 360 owner, in my opinion. It was over a year for me personally since I even found a game worth buying on my 360. Due to multiple console failures, I only ever buy exclusives on the 360 because I got sick of not being able to play the bulk of my library while my 360 was out being repaired. When you only play exclusives on the 360, you're soon left with squat. Fable 2 and Gears 2 were the only games I bought since Halo 3, and they were both great, but quickly over. Now I don't see a single game for 2009 that even interests me in the slightest, other than if Alan Wake sees the light of day. Count me as a very disappointed 360 fan. MS needs to step it up. I don't want exclusive DLC. I want better exclusives, and more of them! I'm not just going to play the same game over and over. Everyone says the 360 has a better library but most of those great games came out 2 years ago. I want more!

SuperM3631d ago

Wether or not the games sell is only relevant in the way that it warrants sequels or that developers see that a certain genre/gametype is doing good.

As long as it sells enough, it doesnt really bother me as long as the games are good. And thats what sony is delivering, good games.

360 lineup was far from impressive this year IMO. And if they cant step it up next year, then PS3 is going to become the console known for having all the great games. But thats going to happen eventually anyway. Its hard to compete with a company that has 4 times as many internal developers as yourself. MS rely on third party exclusives to keep up, and we all know thats going to become harder and harder for them to get.

kevoncox3631d ago

If you think the lack of games on the 360 is huanting, wait till you try the ps3 : (

I would like sony to fix certain things to improve the ps3..The system updates are way too long. Hell, I turned on my ps3 to play it not to wait 30 - 40 and try again. The demo system is broken, why do i have to download it ( 30 - 40) and then install it? It's nonsensical issues like this that sony droppped the ball with and why the ps3 will always be a step behind the 360 in ease of use. The RROD is a huge issue but outside of that, the 360 makes Sony's machine look like a last gen machine in ease of use. This is the system after 2 years of updates, i can't imagine how it was like at launch : (.
Too many only matches are silent and void of human contact. Hell i'm playing online for a reason. The friend invite system is not streamlined. Anyone going from a 360 to PS3 will be like wtf, why is this so complicated? There is no reason why if the system cannot reconize what AV port I am using itself. Why must i reset the system to get it to move from HDMI to RCA cords? The Ps3 is a Nazi system. Powerful but cold and unwelcoming.

Marquis_de_Sade3631d ago

I agree with you 100%, after owning a 360 since launch, I decided to get myself a PS3 to play MGS4 on. I was shocked at how poor the community features of the PS3 were (and still are) I recently recieved a message on Resistance 2 for a party invite, it then took me 10 minutes to work out how to accept it. The lack of an Xbox Live like structure is something that should be added.

Erotic Sheep3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

30 - 40 minutes for an update or a demo download? No offense m8 but either your connection is just plain crap or your setup isn't right. Only takes 10 minutes maximum here. Xbox Live may be better in use but its not so far ahead to call the PS3 last-gen, looking at HOME (I was in the beta) things could turn around.

Btw what's with the games remark? PS3 has plenty of games now and a very impressive 09 line-up.

Anon19743631d ago

If you're taking 30-40 minutes to update your PS3, something's wrong there and it ain't with your PS3. That's a connection issue. Installing demos an issue - dude, just click on it again after downloading. There. That wasn't so hard, was it now? And what's wrong with the friend invite system. You get a popup. You select "Yes". You're gaming with your friends. What's the issue there? Do you even own a PS3?

Why o why3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

40 minutes yeah, it took 4 weeks for my mate to get his 360 back.

There are plenty of games. If you do the head to head of 1st year games 2nd year games etc on both console you'll see there is more on the ps3 to play. Try resistance 1+2 motorstorm 2 valkaria chronicles siren, gt5p, buzz, pixel junk monsters, wipeout hd, tekken dr, super stardust, heavenly sword, warhawk, drakes, lbp, everybodys golf MGS4. ALL of which are exclusive and span many genres. I can add more but if thats not enough games then your just having a laugh unless u dont like any of the genres i mentioned plus there are still ps2 games to play like persona 3 and 4 and god of war 2 which is still very playable.

oh yeah. turn off that orange news ticker crap that sits in the top corner. slows the xmb down

CaptainHowdy3631d ago

last year ppl expected ps3 to hit with all its exclusives, and those games, have still not come yet, heck, HOME isnt even out yet and its DEC. the only difference is that mgs4,haze and lbp were released. but next year ps3 still has god of war, gt5, killzone 2, ff13 (in japan), tekken 6(which has been taken), heavy rain,wardevil, and possibly's biggest money makers have not been released yet...just one series and a bunch on new IPs. 2009 will look a lot better for ps3 when it's BIG games are released.

Beast_Master3631d ago

I only own a PS3 so I can understand some of the complaints with the installs sometimes, (games thing is just not true anymore). I do play 360 at a buddies house some times and found that because everyone has a headset the amount of 10 year olds on the system are unbelievable. Add that to what appears to be a large number of Klu Klux Klan members that appear to own a 360 and you have a good reason to be glad every single person on PSN doesn't use their headset for online play on PS3. I have alot of friends on my PS3 list and don't have near the trouble with shouting matches and smack talking, in fact I have been playing alot of [email protected] and more times then not, I hear a "Good Game Guys" at the end of each match than I ever do on 360. In My opinion I think the PS3 has a much maturer audiance. That is just my thought about it, you can disagree all you want but the price point of PS3 has created a community of older more respectable gamers.

Jecht3631d ago

You need to understand a few things. First, every time the PS3 updates, it has EVERY previous firmware version's features in the new update. That prevents problems from arising, and should they arise makes it quicker to fix. That's why they take so long.

Second, there is a way to download and automatically install a game. The only time you have to manually install the game is if you have it in the download queue. Then when it finishes you have to install it. However, if you stay on the download screen in the PSN store it automatically installs it after you finish downloading, and in fact downloads a little faster.

The 360's ease of use is a subjective matter, not fact. Plenty of people will tell you that the PS3 is incredibly easy to use, because it is.

In fact, most of the stuff you're claiming sounds ridiculous. I've haven't even encountered half of the difficulties you profess to have. But again, this is all subjective. Claiming otherwise is fanboyish drivel.

Anon19743631d ago

It's too bad to hear that it hasn't changed. I found it was really bad playing Halo 3 and that's where I finally said "I'm paying for this crap? I just rather not game with all these kids."
I've been online with the PSN for over a year now and sure you get the odd idiot, but it's nowhere near the problem it is on XBL. I certainly don't miss it.

darthv723631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Kev has a point. I too recently got a ps3. It was just about 2 months ago. The issue I have relates to downloading on the psn store as well. I like the fact you can queue up stuff to dl but the main point he was trying to make is that you can't really do anything else while it downloads.

If you opt to download in the background, then once the demo is finished it isn't ready to play. You then need to wait while it installs. Anyone who also has a 360 will know that while a demo is downloading you can go about and do other stuff and the demo is ready to go when finished. No long install time and the live system starts downloading the next item in the queue automatically.

I can understand if an update contains all the previous updates in one package. Yet their system should be able to detect if you are currently running the 2.52 fw then all it needs are the core 2.53 fw files. No need to get the 2.53, 2.52, 2.51, 2.50, etc files in one download. It is very cumbersome. Perhaps sony will streamline their process to be smarter.

The AV issue mentioned is frustrating as heck. I have an hdmi cable on my plasma and the ps3 detects it as 1080p. I have another hdmi/dvi cable on my crt and the ps3 sees it as 1080i. When changing from one to the next I have to remember to turn off 1080p and 720p support or I get no display (or sound)on the crt. The 360 somehow knows when I change from one tv to the next. No reconfiguring or having to hold down the power button when turning it on (like the ps3) to reset the video/audio.

I like both the ps3 and 360 and perhaps these issues (IMO) might not be considered that bad had I gotten it first. Point is, I didnt. So I am expecting the ps3 to match the ease of connectivity and use like the 360. Will it ever? probably not to my expectations but then again everyone has different levels of expectations.

PS: if I could have one feature from the 360 to the ps3 it would be system power off after downloads. It has some form of it now but technically the system is still on (full display and control) until the dl is complete. I like queuing up stuff on live and then choosing to shutdown the system. It basically powers down where the screen goes off and yet it quietly still downloads until finished. Those who are ps3 only will not know what I am talking about (some maybe). Those with both (or 360 only) know exactly what I am referring to.

lokin3631d ago

blogger article getting this much attention? its in all honesty a braindead, crappy written article that doesnt bring new things to the table. this is my biggest gripe with this site... everybody is a freakin journalist, a freakin expert in gaming, a freakin developer and a freakin looser that goes out of their way to critisize and complain and cry about stupid things like this. but the biggest worry is that sometimes i wonder that if 2 gamer geeks, on 360 fanboy, the other ps3 fanboy, bump into each other in the street what would happen because there seems a real hate towords fanboys from both sides

gaffyh3631d ago

darkride66 actually seems like he knows what he is talking about, unlike some other people on this site.

@kevencox - 30-40 minutes?!?! That's a problem with your internet connection, plus these updates are like once a month, and the reason they are so frequent is to prevent the system from being hacked. If you find such a stupid fault in this simple task then you are clearly a fanboy.

@community issues - yeah they definitely exist on PSN, but there are far less racist 12 year olds on PSN than on XBL. Which is kinda surprising when PSN is free, and XBL costs $50 a year.

@article - Valid arguments, but I expect that MS (hopefully) has some games up their sleeves. I just hope they aren't casual games.

Jecht3631d ago

RE:- Demos: I personally don't see it as a problem. You could stay in the download section and have it DL faster and install automatically, or you can queue it up and go play your game and install when you're done. It only takes a few min, but I can see how some people may be annoyed with it even though it's not really a big deal.

RE:- Updates: The point of having every firmware version is to identify specific problems if they need to be fixed, as well as give users the ability to resume the update should power outages or other problems occur and not have to worry about missing features or an old update. This is why the PS3 rarely has serious problems from firmware updates, unlike MS who hold off the updates, upload a huge one, then have a mess of problems they take forever to fix because they can't find the specific problem. And if there's a power outage or something, you're SOL.

RE:- AV: Well, that's something I actually kind of knew was going to be a problem. See, the thing is that the hardware guys didn't collaborate with anyone else, so that's why there are some AV issues. But at least the PS3 has the capabilities right? I bet Sony could release a firmware version to fix it.

Generally though, the "problems" mentioned have workarounds, aren't really problems, or can be fixed. Unlike many of the 360's problems.

Bubble Buddy3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

"Nintendo did go casual from the begining with Wii and I think we all know the results."

True they got more sales, but the online support and hardcore games besides Nintendo's are very lackluster in my opinion.

1.8 - You talk about lack of games then change it immediately to install updates, I find plenty of games for PS3. I'm sure my wallet agrees.

"Add that to what appears to be a large number of Klu Klux Klan members that appear to own a 360 and you have a good reason to be glad every single person on PSN doesn't use their headset for online play on PS3."

YOU sir, speak the truth, bubbles. Even some annoying kids who use the voice changer piss3s me off.

darthv723631d ago

I guess I could just sit there and watch the progress bar move across the screen while it is downloading. Or, sony could get the download system more streamlined where you dont have to choose to have it done in the background. Then choose to install it afterwards. They could make it where it downloads in the background AND installs at the same time. this is more productive for the gamer as they can do other things instead of just...waiting. Maybe they can make it where you can background downloads while watching a bd or dvd movie.

The update thing is just more of an annoyance than a real problem. Yet it is how sony does things so we just have to deal with it. It is rather funny how long this last update took. I kid you not, it was easily over 20 minutes to go from 2.52 to 2.53. It had to be done as I could not sign in to psn otherwise. I am just saying it would be nice if the update process could detect that if you are already running a semi new fw, it would only dl and install the missing files instead of all the files from the previous fw updates all over again.

PS3 is a good machine but by no means great when it comes to these little oddball things. I can say it will only get better for it as time goes by. Perhaps these little issues will be taken care of but it really depends on how many complaints they get. Seeing as ps3 only users arent the ones really complaining, it may be a while.

I probably wouldnt even be comparing it to the likes of the 360 if it was the only one I had. I'd just like to see more owners of both share their thoughts on the differences between how demos and downloads are handled. I prefer the way live has their network system as opposed to the psn. I like how psn offers free online gaming as opposed to live. To bad both service cant learn from each other, but they try.

blackpanther253631d ago

wow i totally love the AV aspect of my 360. I forgot that since it got prod. I do believe you can do other things while the ps3 is downloading the demo, but yeah it could be better. You should go to the sony forums lol people complain all the time about features they want. How do you think sony came up with most of their ideas. Its from the forum, and everybody goes there to give new ideas. Sony does the same thing with their games. The DEVs of K2 have come out on the forum and said they incorporated alot if people's ideas into the game. Sony people just don't complain to other regular people because it's useless and it won't change a thing. I know i have been complaining about the media support and they actually do listen and add new media supports. I am trying to get then to add .mkv as a media so that i can watch my HD animes.

JasonXE3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Your probably using a wireless connection. Downloads are slow as it is on ps3 but using a wireless connection would make it worse. Installs aren't usually that long but it sometimes can be. If you notice it takes 2 mins to get to the installing bar then cancel and try again. The whole installing process after downloading a demo is so stupid begin a 360 owner.

xhairs93630d ago

he submitted his own

Gue13630d ago

How can be people whining about the demo install when it only takes like 1 maybe 2 minutes? I mean, it takes the same amount of time an X360 takes to load a game...

The invite system too hard? OMG... Just wait until this website gets an update of interface. You'll gonna say that the old one was better simply because you were already too accustomed to the old style.

If you give me an X360 right now and say to me: "lets play online!", even though you claim that it is easier than the PS3's online I wouldn't even know where to start simply because I have never use it.

-Then I come here and say: The X360 is too difficult to get online! *then the comments filled with hate starts;

Rhoic3630d ago

"2008 was a terrible year as a 360 owner, IN MY OPINION."


Jecht3630d ago

The point is that there is a big difference between minor annoyances and actual problems.

mikeslemonade3630d ago

2007 is and will be the greatest year the 360 had. 2008 was worst than 2007 and 2009 will be worst than 2008. Atleast in 2008 the multiplatform games like Fallout and GTA4 kinda saved the 360.

Spydiggity3630d ago

runnin their mouths EVERY year about 200? being the year of the ps3 and the year the 360 fails. and EVERY year it's been the opposite. lets just let it go and stop worrying about it.

and for god's sake. this generation has about 2 years left and then we're done so who even cares what the results of the next year is?

but seriously. ps3 fanboys...come on now. you're a joke. you've never given a realistic, logical perspective on anything. you think sony is god, you praise a corporation...ridiculous. and the games you claim to be the 360 killers always turn out being hugely disappointing and don't even come close to the hype.

it's not the year the 360 fails...the 360 is winning and has had the better game line up since ps3 and wii launched. this whole war is pointless. it's basically are "war" between ppl who live in reality vs fanboys without a shred of common sense or intelligence.

Raptors3630d ago

As long as the 360 is $199 its not going nowhere. Sony is still gonna makes its run but the 360 is gonna be there either ahead or just behind. There is far too much uncertainty right now for the average consumer to be buying a $400 machine versus a $200 machine. Is the ps3 a better buy in terms of value? Absolutely. You'd have to be a fanboy to deny that. But its hard for people to pony up that extra $200 (The average consumer).

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Microsoft Xbox 3603631d ago

We are transferring ownership papers to Sony. We at Microsoft will forfeit in 2009.

jcfilth3631d ago

I smell another price cut for the 360. Everybody knows the PS3 will get a price cut beginning 2009, the don't announce nothing official so they can sell more at the current price, I think that's obvious. So, what's the only thing Microsoft can do to counter that?? yes, the usual, a price cut to the 360.

Just think about it, next year with the price cut, the 80GB PS3 will be $299, the 160GB will be $399. If Microsoft keeps the same prices things will be like this:

.80GB PS3 and BD Player $299
.60GB Xbox360 $299

What would be the SMARTEST choice?

.160GB PS3 and BD Player $399
.120GB Xbox 360 $399

What would be the SMARTEST choice?

So yes, it is obvious, the 360 will get ANOTHER price cut. That's the ONLY thing keeping them ahead in sales besides the fact that the 360 released a year earlier than the PS3.

AngryTypingGuy3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Wouldn't it be smarter of Sony to have a well-advertised PS3 price cut in time for the holiday season? I think they'd make more money that way rather than waiting until 09.

As far as "troubled times" for the 360, it will have its ups and downs in the coming year, just like the other companies do.

IzKyD13313630d ago


A price-cut in March is very smart seeing as it's after the release of Killzone 2 and the month Resident Evil 5 and INFamous come out

BlackSpartan1873631d ago

I do not think it is wrong to reach for the casual gamer. As long as Microsoft has a balance, they will be fine. Unlike the Wii, which has more casual games. PlayStation was a prime example. They made gaming cool to the average Joe. Between PS1 and PS2 there where games for anyone and everyone. Hey, if there is money to be made than why not make it. And, casual gaming is here to stay. Just do not forget the hardcore gamers that's all.

hate_me3631d ago

wasn't the same predictions made last year also.... 360 will fail. PS3 WILL take the lead... blah, blah, blah. Dude that wrote this nonsense :There wasn't even a HALO this year. you also omitted one very important tittle for the 360 - ALAN WAKE-.
So this got passed because some lonely sod that can use a keyboard came up with only 3 things why the 360 will fail..... IMPRESSIVE.

green3631d ago

The same prediction was made last year Christmas and the year before.

hate_me3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

ps3 will fail because....
1) its expensive like hell
2) only one cool game on the system woth buying (MGS)
3) Multiplatform games almost alway better on 360
4) Will still not outsell the 360 and way of the mark of the Wii

wow... this is fun... anyone cam add to this list?

my point that I tried to make was that even I... who doent know sh*t about journalism and have no insider info and who's crammer stinks, can make crappy statements like these.... and that is a scary thing my friend

n4gzz3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

You had one very hyped game "Too Human" instead of HALO this year. Besides Sony is not going to Fail. All 3 consoles have passed that phase. No matter which consoles sells more, all 3 are here to stay for this generation.

Answer to your list
1)PS3 is may not be very expensive after all when People are getting taste of High definition.
2)There is no Multi-plat game that has significant advantage over PS3. It's only on Fanboys thick head.
3)I can say the same thing, that only game worth buying on 360 is none 'coz they will eventually come to PC.
4)It already outsold on 07, 08 will be pretty close and about 09 who knows !!

You may add on list

ultimolu3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

...This article struck a nerve, didn't it?
Anyway, it's a stupid article.

All three will survive this generation and the next.

FF7numba13631d ago

dont see how the same was said about 2008 is the same as 2009. lol Gears of mothefing wars 2 we already knew was gonna own. Plus fable. But theres no gears or halo next year....All 360 owners are expecting is a fake ninja gaiden?

lol any1 thought 08 360 selection was lacking look at 09. Just from whats already announced we don't know what will really happen next year.

Beast_Master3631d ago

Gears 2 was rummored to be out in 08 this time last year and it was made offical at GDC and I think it was on the cover of Game Informer. Look I keep saying this.. Microsoft doesn't have the studio support to compete exclusive for exclusive in 09 with Sony.

We all agree that Gears 3 will not be availible until 2010, It will take 2 years to develop it, that is fair to say. Halo Wars and Halo 3 Recon are confirmed for 09. Looking at the rest of Microsoft's Studio's, Rare: has been good about releasing 2 games a year, this year is rumored to be another Killer Instinct which may be cool. Fable 2 studio run by Peter Molenux will need 2 years to release their next game. That leaves just 2 surprises not named Gears or Halo left folks.. Mass Effect 2 is not garenteed to be MS exclusive, The trailer for BioShock 2 was on the PS3 version of Bioshock which means it will def. be multi-plat. So MS in 09 will just not be as great as 07, 08, But with Bio-shock 2 and Mass Effect 2 they will have some great games, just not exclusive. So in 09 Sony has better exclusives, that is just a fact.

Now will that translate into better sales of PS3, I think that if they cut price and can get GOW3 out the door along with KZ2 already released, their year over year sales will rise like they did this year. Not saying they will over take 360 but I think Sony will sell more consoles than they did this year which will be great for all gamers.

Rhoic3630d ago

"1)PS3 is may not be very expensive after all when People are getting taste of High definition.
2)There is no Multi-plat game that has significant advantage over PS3. It's only on Fanboys thick head.
3)I can say the same thing, that only game worth buying on 360 is none 'coz they will eventually come to PC.
4)It already outsold on 07, 08 will be pretty close and about 09 who knows !!"

1. Except a Blu-Ray player can be purchased for $200-$300 with all disc playback and recording abilities.

2. Graphically? Probably not. Content wise? Yes. Usually multi-platform games have more content on the 360 compared to the PS3. Even with simple things like Achievements, Leaderboards, etc.

3. Very Subjective

4. The reason it sold so well in '07 was because it was the new thing. Notice how many were up on Ebay and Amazon after it sold so well?

5. Sony's 2009 line-up owns, but that doesn't excuse the fact that the console is still very pricey, which is all that matters to the consumer.

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