Test Freaks: Game Party 2 Review

Test Freaks writes: "Out of all the next gen console systems, the Wii has the most mini-game collection/party game titles. These games are composed of multiple games that can be played independently and usually take under ten minutes to complete. Some mini-game/party game titles in the genre include Raving Rabbids 1&2, Wii Play, Wii Sports and the original Game Party.

Midway has just released the sequel for its original budget line title. Game Party 2 features eleven mini-games; unfortunately only five of the mini-games differ from the original. The mini-games include Quarterback Challenge, Darts, Bean Bags, Puck Bowling, Shuffleboard, Trivia, Puck Bowling, Horseshoes, Skillball, Hoop Shot and Ping Cup."

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