Quick Nintendo Cash-ins That We Actually Want to See.

In what appears to be another attempt to get what they originally intended to get out of the Game Cube, Nintendo recently announced that they will be re-releasing certain Game Cube games on the Wii under the name "Play on Wii". It is unclear whether these games will be updated graphically, but they will have Wii remote control systems.

Surely some of those games will do alright from a sales standpoint, but since Nintendo is now in the business of selling old games on the Virtual Console, and slightly remaking recent games, why not go back further and re-release some true classics that people would really appreciate? Here are 5 games; that if remade or reworked for the Wii, would make an absolute killing sales-wise.

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Maxned3573d ago

How about Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie?

TruthbeTold3573d ago

it's owned by Rare. So again, not much chance. :/

Smacktard3573d ago

Ugh. This whole list is terrible. Don't ruin these classics by tacking on motion control. Sequels that stayed true to these games would be nice, but god, that's it.

RareNimbus3573d ago

Nintendo would make super mario rpg 2.

Smacktard3572d ago

Oh, but of course. Sequels true to the originals would be great!

Mini Mario3573d ago

Gamcube games, yeh i like the idea of that for the wii...

but classic super nes games should NOT be messed with

caliblue153573d ago

Goldeneye with updated graphics, wii controls, and online. I guess its just a dream.

The BS Police3572d ago

The XBLA/VC version may still be on hold, but there still is a chance that both Nintendo and Microsoft will someday (hopefully) reach an agreement and release Goldeneye on both the Wii and the Xbox 360.

But for now, we can only hope.

Lombax3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I bought a Wii, then realized that Nintendo sold me out to the highest bidder (the dreaded casual gamer) so I sold my Wii to the highest bidder. Besides why would I want to buy and play games I have already bought and played? I didn't buy RE4 or Okami again.