Test Freaks: Far Cry 2 PC Review

Test Freaks writes: "By now I'm sure most of you have heard that Far Cry 2 has nothing at all to do with the Far Cry we've come to know and love, to some that might be a good thing and to others it might not be. Far Cry 2 is a gritty, set in the real world, adventure type first person shooter that has the hallmarks of an award winning game, the good things about this game are boundless, but it has one glaringly annoying downfall, that takes the game and just makes it not fun to play at times really: malaria. I've never had malaria, and I don't want it anytime soon, but this whole character having malaria thing is just downright annoying, and there are a few choice words that I don't think I should type out here that I have for my feelings for this whole thing."

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