Test Freaks: Fallout 3 PC Review

Test Freaks writes: "Ok, so I've heard that Fallout3 is controversial but I can't figure out why exactly though or what's so controversial about this game. The controversy could be that Bethesda made such a great game all the others will be left behind? I can understand where some might say the whole post-apocalyptic thing is controversial, but I just don't see it, it's game only after all.

Fallout3 is set in the far future after the world has basically ended due to the usual things, greed, power, and nuclear war, eventually I'm sure it will end this way, so it might be a peek into our own futures… Seriously though Fallout3 is a magnificent game in visuals, actual gameplay and storyline, it's a bloody, gory romp through the post-apocalyptic wastelands that will keep you coming back for more."

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