PSP Quickly Losing Ground to Explosive DS Sales

Japan - PSP's best year is rapidly drawing to a close, and with it, hopes of beating the DS in yearly sales for the first time in its life. What appeared to be a PSP resurgence on the back of Monster Hunter has quickly become a last-minute scramble to hold onto its 2008 title of best-selling handheld.

Barely 200k units separates the two systems in 2008. Will the PSP hold on or will the DS take the crown for the 4th year in a row?

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PantherLotus3656d ago

Definitely. Before the DSi, the PSP had just released the PSP3k, and had increased its lead to almost 600k for 2008. A few weeks later, the DSi is released, and Japan goes nutzo for the DS again, cutting the lead to 200k.

Go figure.

Captain_Sony3656d ago

PSP is at half the install base of the DS. It never had a lead to lose. Yeah they did get a few months of being number 1 but selling good for a few months wont make up for selling poorly for years when compared to the DS.
Also for the Sony fanboy. Most people would call the PSP a failure. AFter all Sony wanted it to be the number 1 portable.. Now since it isnt the number 1 portable it failed to do what Sony wanted it to do. Good sales? Of course. As good as Sony said? Of course not. It doesnt take a Nintendo fanboy to see that, just anyone that isnt a Sony fanboy. If a guy promises to climb Everest and only gets halfway is that still success? No it was failure. Same applies to PSP. Now had SOny not ran their mouth about how they would be number 1 things would be different.

y0haN3656d ago

Climbing Everest isn't the same as selling a product. Go make some other crappy analogies.

DiabloRising3656d ago

Just as MS should be commended for taking a big slice of the console market, Sony should be commended for even taking on Nintendo, who has owned the handheld market without competition since the days of the Gameboy.

TheColbertinator3656d ago

True.I thought Sony would give up by 2007

RareNimbus3656d ago

i own a psp and planning to get a dsi soon before christmas.

buy a ps33656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

speaking of the psp mine got stolen by an hotle maid last week end :(

any way this means nothing once psp 3000 releases it will have the same affect as the DSi and the psp will retake the lead.

qface643656d ago

im pretty sure the psp 3000 is already out in japan as for the US i doubt people over here are gonna go crazy for the 3000

buy a ps33656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I'm buying it

LittleBigKillzone3656d ago

PSP sold 40 million worldwide in what, 3-4 years?! How is the PSP a failure like everyone says it is? sure it doesnt have a good attach rate with its game but im pretty sure the PSP is making a good profit for sony now and they are still selling very solid every month, how is the PSP a failure?! just because it doesnt sell as good as the DS doesnt make it a failure, im not that familiar with the hanheld market as I am with the console market.. but is 40 million PSPs sold in 3-4 years time a bad thing?! am i missing something?! should they have sold 80 or 90 million by now?

The PSP is very popular and sold a lot, why does everyone think its a flop?

PantherLotus3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Who said it was a failure? Failures are relative anyway. And who is this "everyone?" Who really thinks the PSP is a failure and has said so in the past year? Anybody that matters or just dumb nintendo fanboys?

RyuStrife3656d ago

What it fails in is piracy. Major piracy. I met a guy at work with a PSP that has snes games on it. Talking about no games, Sony will have to deal with that "piracy" stuff a lot sooner than later.

0verdrive3656d ago

lol it will never happen. darkalex is a better programmer than sonys entire psp staff. he cracks every new firmware version like, the day after it comes out, and even BEFORE the new firmware comes out, sometimes.

Shnazzyone3656d ago

If it's not a flop it's still the loser. More market share = more games. PSP is just not the system it promised itself to be. They made the system too locked up. My Hacked ds does fifty things a PSP can't and i love it cuz it's a quality product.

0verdrive3656d ago

just out of curiosity, what can you do with a hacked ds? i dont have one, and if it indeed does "50 things a psp cant," i would like to know. i can come up with many things a psp can do that a ds cant, as well, but i would honestly like to know.

darkdoom30003656d ago

try hacking a PSP, and you'll see 100 things the DS cant do.

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Kingsora3656d ago

Btw you can't hack the PSP 3000 so I think that problem is solved.

And it's still selling awesome, maybe not so great as the DS, but the DS is beast saleswise.

And I am pretty sure the PSP will win this year in Japan, don't forget there is something going to be released called Final Fantasy Dissidia :)

0verdrive3656d ago

i dont know about not being able to hack the psp3000, and even if they cant do it now, it will eventually come. when they released the psp slim, everyone hailed it as the end of psp hacks, but they hacked that in only a few months.

and i wouldnt say that there is not a problem with piracy on the ds, because it, too, has been easily hacked. i just dont think the problem is as widespread as the psp

that being said, the psp is a much more versatile tool to hack, you can get it to do so many different things!

darkdoom30003656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

sony did manage to slightly stop hacking on the Slim, as you cannot have the 1.5 keneral. meaning no homebrew. but that is kinda a bad thing. as now people with hacked PSP slims will have nothing to do other than pirate.

I have a hacked slim, but i decided to buy games instead of pirate.(I sold some of my old games, bought Metal gear acid2, crisis core, tekken DR and naruto, last week.) i still have downloaded PS1, and gba games also a bunch of homebrew applications like a manga reader, file manager etc.

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