Square Enix's Sales Down 74%? Just Wait Until Dissidia Hits

In a recent study, it was unveiled that this year Square Enix's sales were down by 74%. This was partly because the bulk of Crisis Core's Japanese sales came in 2007, but it still performed well when it was released in other regions earlier this year. The main reason for Square Enix's lacklustre sales this year is the absence of any other strong titles, which is where Dissidia: Final Fantasy comes in.


It should be 63%, not 74%.

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Gun_Senshi3632d ago

You should stop releasing crappy Shovelware...

mephman3632d ago

Come now, wouldn't you rather they spent time on games like Sigma Harmonics than AAA titles? Obviously they think so.

Wizeguy213632d ago

Is it sad that Square Enix needs Final Fantasy to live? Or is it a benefit for us that maybe they start to realize it and make more FF games! hmm... I mean MORE than already!

TheDude2dot03632d ago

Maybe if they made games that everyone could buy, they would have better sales.

mikeslemonade3632d ago

Okay so now what the hell is the point with multiplatform games? I thought they suppose to increase sales and "allow more people to experience games". In 2007 the square enix were still exclusive and now they are multiplatform in 2008, yet there sales are lower in 2008. Exclusives make for better games AND BETTER SALES.

FantasyStar3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Square-Enix is starting to notice that they can't get away with shovelware forever. Or maybe they're also starting to realize that they're just not cut out for making jRPGs anymore. IMO FFX was the last great FF.

KARMA20093632d ago

Ever since Square enix went mulitplatform to the 360,sales went down for them,Square enix remember Sony who sold millions for you.

chanto233632d ago

releasing games on the PS3 so they start increasing sales numbers because its a proven fact that the 360 fan base don't buy RPGs and the 360 is a minority on Japan, the biggest RPG market in the world...

PS3 is the way to go for square enix if they want to make money. Multiplatform or not they need the PS3 to survive...

vhero3632d ago

sales are down as there games are on 360 rather than ps3 which is the problem as most there fans have ps3's so they are catering to the wrong people. Rookie mistake and its costing them nothing but poor sales and do they learn and at least make the rest multiplatform? no! instead they make there ps3 exclusive multiplatform thus delaying it another year! talk about cutting your own wrists..

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George Sears3632d ago

Can't wait for Dissidia and Birth by Sleep. These games will finally give me a reason to dust off my PSP.

~"I am the Boss to surpass Big Boss himself...."

Panthers3632d ago

I can. I dont want portable games. I want full blown next gen titles THAT ARE GREAT. So far they have not done that.

chanto233632d ago

i couldn't agree with you more...

PantherLotus3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

The recent study in question corrected their data and lowered it down to 63%:

(make sure and correct that both in the article and in the title please!)

No doubt, the coming Dissidia, Dragon Quest IX, and FFXIII will definitely help. On top of that, they'll be awesome.

Microsoft Xbox 3603632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Square has been going down because of me. I'm just the wrong system they're publishing for. Well I can't really do anything about when Microsoft execs are flashing the greens at Yoichi Wada.

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Dpa3632d ago

Surprisingly. Im agreeing with you here. You can imagine the japanese executives sitting in their big office going 'hai hai, usa big dollar very much, usa like xbox, we develop xbox we make big dollar'
But it dont work like that Square. You should be ashamed for succumbing to money and churning out total poo poo like last remnant.

gumgum993632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

"Square Enix's Sales Down 74%"


wow. thats a huge nose dive for ya.

I suppose the game sales were quite impressive, no?

Edit: 63%? hope those big titles come sooner than later.

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