Yahoo Games: Hasbro Family Game Night Review

And that's what Hasbro Family Game Night boils down to -- a collection of board game classics that succeeds when those classics are represented well, but isn't nearly so fun when too many liberties are taken or too many control issues get in the way of enjoying each design in the way it was originally intended. Most of the games in Game Night are solid, and the excellent presentation that brings them all together into this one cohesive package makes it a compilation that's certainly worth looking into if you've got the family and friends around who'll want to play it with you. But if you're on your own with no potential human opponents, or if you're a person who prefers traditional, tangible pawns, dice and plastic battleships, or if you think the inability to play standard Boggle is appalling, well -- you'd be better off heading to the old basement closet, dusting off those old game boxes and sticking to the real deal.

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