Ratchet and Clank PS3 in Next Month's EGM

With Resistance: Fall of Man done, Insomniac Games has turned their teasing attention to the next Ratchet & Clank game exclusively, as usual, to PS3. But, when can we have a look at it? Sooner than you think, actually; on the EGM Live!* podcast, the crew confirmed they'd have the next-generation sequel in their pages next month.

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PS360PCROCKS4301d ago

this, MGS, GT, Lair and Heavenly sword I will all personally buy if I can't con my roommate into buying them for his ps3

PureGamer4301d ago

brilliant cant wait to see some screens, Rachet and clank is well good.

DJ4301d ago

I still think Going Commando was the best one, just 'cause it had an even blend of platforming and weapons usage. Once the series hit Deadlocked it was almost entirely weapons oriented, which kinda turned me off from #4. I can't wait to see what they're doing with the gameplay this time around though.

chitown4301d ago

sweetness!!! now i hope naughty dog announces another JAK and Daxter, and ut justifies me getting a ps3

mucho 994301d ago

Naughty Dog doesn't own the Jak franchise anymore, that other studio does-(Forgot their name). But if their psp debut DAXTER is any indication, when the DO make the next Jak game, it should be awesome.

And yes, I can't wait to get this game, I just wonder if they will be making another Resistance game

DR GRIM4301d ago

ur thinking of Crash Bandicoot Naughty Dog sold that franchise to
Traveller's Tales but the poeple from Naughty Dog that made JAK and Daxter sill owns franchise in other studio .
the people that made jak and daxter works in other studio but they sill do jak game

timmyp534301d ago

thats one old screenshot

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