Retail Rumor: Splinter Cell Conviction in February

By now one should know that retailers' expected release dates for upcoming games that don't have official release dates aren't all that reliable. But after searching the internets and coming across the way long delayed (yet rather anticipated) Splinter Cell Conviction popping up at retailers with a similar February release, well ... we just had to share.

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Breakfast3632d ago assuming those were the 'gameplay issues' of the past.

HighDefinition3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

The "gameplay issues" were it was a sh!tty game. So they re-built it.

BTW, yeah its MOST LIKELY coming to the PS3. How things change.

GiantEnemyCrab3632d ago

Yeah, retailer release dates are not very reliable. I would say April is more realistic.

Wassup Breakfast, I see you've already caught a PS3 troller in your net. Making sure he says "it will more than likely come to the PS3" because well, we've lost so many exclusives to MS that we gotta make ourselves feel better by claiming every third party game is coming to the PS3.

La Chance3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

in February and almost forgot about this game.

Of course it isnt coming to PS3.MSFT know how to keep exclusives.Or they let it go when they dont have any impact whatsoever anymore.

Look at Bioshock , one huge flop on the PS3.

@"giant enemy crab" lol , you nailed it.So predicatable.And he's actually serious when he says "How things have changed" lol looks like , ridiculous.

Panthers3632d ago

MSFT knows how to keep exclusives and Sony knows how to make new ones. All of the old 3rd party exlcusives have been a let down this gen. Sony wants fresh games.

ape0073632d ago

I want this game so bad

chaos theory was one of the best games ever

ubi montrial is behind this,the same team that was behind chaos theory

can't wait....

Danja3632d ago

This game will not be released in February , and there's a possibility it might be multi-plat..

most 360 exclusive's can also be played on the PC...where as if you want to play a PS3 exclusive you have to buy a PS3 to play them..

Doppy3632d ago

Feb. is going to be tough for it with Killzone 2 and Street Fighter 4. I would wait until April since nothing important has been announced for the month.

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sonarus3632d ago

There is no chance in hell for Splinter cell in February. First Ubisoft will have to do an official game review at least 4-5 months before the game releases to build up hype for the game. I predict by the time ubisoft reveals the new splinter cell it will be announced for PS3, PC and X360

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Aclay3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Splinter Cell Conviction coming in February 09 and there hasn't even been any new gameplay, trailers, or new details for the game this year? I seriously doubt it.

The last thing I heard about Splinter Cell Conviction was that it was "going back to the drawing board" back in May, and isn't expected to come out sometime between April 1, 2009 and March 30, 2010.

If Conviction went "back to the drawing board" about mid-2008, there's no way that it's going to come out in February next year.

Early this year there were some retailers that had God of War 3 listed for a March 2009 release, but GOW3 isn't even coming out in March 2009. Retail sites are unreliable sources for release dates unless it has already been confirmed other wise.

Tiberium3632d ago

I'm guessing after E3. They have to build hype if they want to sell good. And if one company knows how to build hype about a game it's microsoft.

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