Idle Thumbs: A Gamer's Songbook - The Fable of Love

Game Set Watch writes:

"Girl, I met you passing through Bowerstone
Why can't we be alone?
Just you and me, without these twenty-three
other villagers standing around?
Don't they have other things to do,
when I'm farting in your face for Peter Molyneux?

Oh, girl, our love is like a fable,
even though it smells like the horse's stable
Because when I broke out in flatulant song,
I went on a little too long,
and I crapped my new sarong that my dog dug up with a condom

But back to you and me, or maybe us three
There's a housewife back in Oakvale I've turned bisexual
My Russian dancing was quite effectual
and I've acquired us a home
by killing the family who lived there before
I busted down the door and let myself in
Yes, I suppose that it's a sin
But I'll just fart around the town until I'm once again renowned

Oh, girl, our love is like a Fable
Even though I seem unable to communicate with you

But with my flexing, my caressing,
with my farts, you will know what's in my heart."

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