Christian Gamers, Offensive Lists, and 'Homo-Erotic' Games:- Another viewpoint

OXCGN Writes:

"Yes, we do exist.

Christian gamers that is. I don't think most of us make a big deal of it and I think some people would be surprised to find that Christians are as diverse a group as any other group (like, say, gamers)."

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Immortal Kaim3633d ago

Unfortunately the 'extremists' in any political/religious group, mare the overall perception of the group in question. The general public seem to paint an entire demographic with the same brush, based on a select few peoples opinions.

gaminoz3633d ago

I think the problem is that those who are loudest are heard. People then assume that they represent the whole group.

Some fans of football teams do something stupid and then it seems to reflect poorly on all the fans of that team.

People judge all Muslims by the acts of some.

All lawyers are parasites who feed off the complicated legal system, right?

This goes for race, sexual orientation, or any group.

The point is that all groups have a diversity and what we hear or see most publically isn't reflective of the whole all the time.

GIJeff3632d ago

except raiders fans ARE crazy and evil.

freeblue3632d ago

i think the problem is the silent majority who allowed the minor extremists to do their dirty works. they can appeals to be more open minded and forgiven at the same time, but they're no better than those extremists (that they allowed to represented them), they want what those extremists want but they don't want to get their hands dirty getting them.

in my mind, they're more cowards than those few extreme conservatives, otherwise the "silent majority" would've speak their minds against those that misrepresented them. and yet, all i see and hear are silent approval.

JsonHenry3632d ago

Lol, this reminds me of when I was a kid. I was baby sat by a lady that went to church with me. She would not let us or her kids watch the Smurfs because Gargamel was a sorcerer. But then she turned around and read them the ENTIRE Lord of the Rings trilogy... WTF?!

I still have nightmares about that old hag!

gaminoz3631d ago


J R R Tolkein was a Christian and mate of C.S. Lewis, so maybe that's why it was okay for her? Still, the hypocracy seems obvious.

Sort of like having World Of Warcraft on that 'bad games' list when apparently I've been told, there is a Christian group on there who preach the gospel to anyone who is interested. SO they are using a game to reach people who might otherwise have been too intimidated to go to church. And it's on the list? Not much research done by a company that's supposed to research....

Also....MGS4 on the list (for 'homo-erotic' tendencies? LOL)

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Superfragilistic3632d ago

Personally I'm an atheist but I have nothing against those who choose to have a faith... except for those zealots who contradict their very own teachings!

I particularly dug the “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3). Nice!

Thank you for an intelligently argued piece and pointing out that games are simply the new lackey for moral panic just like radio, TV, Comic Books, Hollywood, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, etc, before it.

poeo3632d ago

as a fellow atheist i agree. and "moral panic" is great term to understand, i just read about it a while back myself, heh.

RememberThe3573632d ago

You'd think eventually that we'd get the point.

People are fundamentally flawed, and the ways in which we express our selfs will show that. We need to step out of this view of perfection and move into a view of reality.

The problems are not the expressions, the problems are what is being expessed. If there are a ton of songs about murder then maybe we have a bit of a murder problem going on.

Telling some one to not express their reality only closes you off to the problems that your society is facing.

Superfragilistic3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Well put mate. Nothing worse than sticking your head in the sand. Bubbles! :D

Steelspawn3632d ago

What I don't understand is that games, like movies and such are created to entertain. I don't think any company considers to develop games to purposely go out and target sexes, religion, beliefs, nationalities and such

Shnazzyone3632d ago

not many games left for buyers who don't like wiimusic.. that's religion for ya'!

XboxOZ3603632d ago

Well it's not religion per-se' .. but those who tend to exploit it for their own gains. Namely the investment firm aiming to capalise on its investors,steering them in the direction they (the firm) wants, not what the investor might want.

SO it has little to do with religion as such, just how it is used as a tool, just as they do politians with the so-called "to save the children" tag line they attach to anything to do with censorship and games etc etc. Especially here in Australia.

gaminoz3632d ago

What I want to know is why Pokemon isn't on the list for its ability to make youngsters addicted. My sons play Pokemon games constantly on DS, Wii, GCN, Advance: they collect the cards, look at the game books, they watch the dvds, they watch it on Youtube. They are obsessed with its world like those stuck in World of Warcraft-land.

It is at least as addictive and just because it's cartoony doesn't excuse it. I have to check on them to make sure they are taking breaks from its universe...and its from a videogame. Too cute to be damaging, according to the firm?

XboxOZ3603632d ago

I agree, many "games" irrespective of the genre' can be addictive, and parental intervention is definitely needed, which it seems you do, 10/10 for that.

But it seems that wouldn't raise the hair on many "good citizens" necks nearly enough as blaming a violent game for the obsessions of some teens, or like recently, blaming the shooting of a person stealing goods on the goods being stolen.

And it this case, an Xbox 360. .So who gets the blame, the young man doing the stealing, which by the way is against the law irrespective of the goods being stolen, or the fact he was stealing a terrible, mind altering device like the xbox 360.

We all know which one gets the blame of course . .The console - naturally . .. dahh.

TruthbeTold3632d ago

You're the parent. If your kids are playing a game excessively or get into it beyond reason, then take it away, tell them why, and ease restrictions on it over time if they learn the lesson and you see fit.

If that's what you are doing then great. But it seems as if you feel that some group should organize, and speak out against a game rather than parents take responsibility for what they allow their children to do, and to what extent they do it? That attitude is causing unnecessary problems in the gaming world.

gaminoz3632d ago

@ Truthbetold

No I was trying to point out that Pokemon should be on that 'addictive' list as much as World Of Warcraft, but probably isn't because it is cartoony.

But yes, as a parent it is up to me to monitor my kids...but I do think Pokemon and the constant need to upgrade or capture another Pokemon and be on at a certain time etc.. does make my kids show 'obssessive' and 'addictive' behaviour.

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