Mother's fury over Nintendo Scrabble game that taught her son a string of vile swear words

A mother who bought a Scrabble game for her eight-year-old son's computer console to improve his vocabulary has told of her disgust after it produced a string of swearwords.

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PirateThom3293d ago

"As if that wasn't bad enough, it received a triple score and won the game for the character, whose name was Camilla."

Scrabble is so awesome.

elorm93293d ago

Lol, first it's the Animal Crossing thing, now this :P

I wonder what's going down with Miyamoto these days

No FanS Land3293d ago

LMAO! Nintendo is getting lot of this kind of attention recently!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3293d ago

They were -

'xBox 360'


'Bill Gates'


MolotovMan12633293d ago

You are among the most pathetic things i've ever seen in my life.

Gun_Senshi3293d ago

ok thats seroiusly a bad joke...

geda3293d ago

gosh darn those "computer consoles"!

PattyWacker3293d ago

go nintendo. How do you change your image from kiddie and casual to badass? first through out some blatent racism in animal crossing, then a bunch of swearing access in scrabble for DS. You even get high points for it. Wow wtf is going on down at nintendo?

f7897903293d ago

A pedophile ending up on Animal Crossing talking to some girl is next. I just know its going to happen and the media is going to go beserk. So much for protecting children Nintendo because in the end its up to the parents.

Max Power3293d ago

WiiFit calling people 'fat'.

N4Flamers3293d ago

actually made me laugh or ltih, its new look it up.

would be funny if your name was in the scrabble dictionary

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The story is too old to be commented.