OXCGN's Shaun White Snowboarding Review:- Aussie Style

OXCGN Writes:

"To be honest before I gave this game a try I had to look up and see if Shaun White was an actual person and not just added to a snowboard game to give it a sense of individuality. After all I didn't know who Tony Hawk was until a sea of video games came out!

While I am not a snowboarder (though we do have skiing here in Oz) nor a skater, having played them in the past I thought it was enough for me to take a look at what Mr. White has brought to the 360."

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Immortal Kaim3660d ago

Sounds somewhat disappointing. I want to see another 1080 game...

gaminoz3660d ago

I do like the idea of a 'real' board to control the snowboarding on the Wii, but it'll most likely be another gimmick thing.

I think these games aren't as fun as they used to be for some reason. When you have something like Pure, which combines racing with stunts, then everything else that involves stunts etc. seems a bit lackluster.

Superfragilistic3660d ago

Well I'm not "Stoked" about that score! lol

XboxOZ3603660d ago

Personally I had fun with the game when testing it out at a Ubi-day event. Found it entertaining and easy to pick up. . . . but after a short while, I did find it a tad repeatative, and at times somewhat frustrating re the various side missions.

The radar wasn't as accurate as it needed to be, and often missed the 'targets' by huge amounts, but according to the radar, they were quite close.

Trudging around became a chore and frustrating at times. I liked the game, and it was visually refreshing, much better than many others of its ilk, I probably would have scored it slightly higher. But the score is basically a "Average" mark, not a terrible - don't buy mark.

Unfortunately today, many gamers think any game scoring below 7.5 is rubbish and do not even give them a chance. I'd buy the game as a simple way of having some light hearted fun.

GrathiusXR3660d ago

wow pretty abysmal score.. then again all i want is a new Amped now boy was that game fun on the PS2 loved it..

Simmo443659d ago

Dissapointed about the score, I was hoping for this game to turn out better.

Man I remember the Cool Boarders games on the original PlayStation. Now they were awesome snowboarding titles imo.