From Console Screen to Silver Screen: Where's Zelda?

MonsterVine "I was browsing Yahoo and discovered an article about some upcoming game movies. The usual suspects were there (eg. Prince of Persia, Halo, WoW, and even The Sims), but there was one game series I feel needed to be on the list: Zelda."

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ChickeyCantor3630d ago

No just freaking no.
Hollywood movies are made for the western demograph, and because of that you can NEVER capture that what makes zelda zo great.
They will make it so freaking standard, else the audience won't like it.

But then again, a CGI i could live with that since they can go more orthodox with it.

buy a ps33630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I Agreed it would be worse then the the russian version of zelda

(Dont Watch If You Are A Hardcore Zelda Fan You Will Break Your Computer.)

jorgeanaya0003630d ago

"I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!"

What the hell?

AAACE53630d ago

They kind of made an unofficial Zelda movie during the 80's!

The movie was called "Legend", starred Tom Cruise and Mia Sara, and seemed to copy the Zelda world and a bit of it's story in a way.

Put it this way... If the movie was actually called Legend of Zelda, you would have swore it was aan Uwe Boll movie!

If you are bored, check it out and notice some of the similarities.

Shnazzyone3630d ago

hell no! zelda is best in game form. It will feel cheap as a movie. few games are movie worthy for that fact.

tplarkin73630d ago

The art direction is campy. It is a loose ripoff of Lord of the Rings.

Seriously, Zelda was great as a 1980's game and then reinvented for the 1990's. It needs to be completely reinvented for the current decade.

baum3630d ago

Because by the time it comes out, it'll already be a new decade.

Are_The_MaDNess3630d ago

make it in CGI lol (like FF7 (it wasnt bad))
think about all the gamers that gonna c it
they shall think about it (lots of money in it)

Lombax3630d ago

This is news?

They should make Lair a movie.

Think about it.
Good movie = Bad game
Good Game = Bad movie

Bad game = Good movie

eh? eh?

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