Destructoid Review: The Last Remnant

For longtime fans of Square (back when they were actually Squaresoft), the fracturing of Square's major focus on the Final Fantasy series was a frightning thing

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user94220773635d ago

Destructoid are getting HIGH while typing these reviews.

GWAVE3635d ago

When will S-E get their act together?

Blademask3635d ago

I cant imagine this is what their amazing vision was for this generation of games.

Someone else is going to Steup up though. S-E is at risk of just losing all of its fanbase, if anyone dares to make an amazing JRPG.

like one in 1080p.

Baba19063635d ago

i think jrpgs just take a lot of time, and this game was just rushed. will have some great rpgs later on. im pretty sure of it. still very dissapointing to see games go bad like this. hope they dont ruin ff13 and versus.

NaiNaiNai3635d ago

SE will prove them selfs RPG kings still with there titles like FF-13, Star ocean 4, and kingdom hearts 3. people have to remember, S-e has put out other not so great titles for the ps2, its just on this gen poeple are looking for all there titles, not there main ones.

Asurastrike3635d ago

Tri-Ace developed Star Ocean. And their last game was Infinite Undiscovery lol

robotnik3635d ago

Who cares about Square? We have Atlus and Level 5 and that other company I don't remember now, Mist Walker I think it was.