PS3 Attitude Review | MotoGP 08; a step to realism?

During 2007 Capcom announced that they now have the right to publish games based on the MotoGP franchise. At first, that decision seemed risky, since until then Namco used to develop MotoGP games.

The first footage of the game got us excited, with head of communications of Capcom Europe Ben Le Rougetel, promising us that the game would be able to be played by both amateur and experienced players. The system they were developing would be available to "read" the player's reactions and decide the difficulty level he/she should be playing on.

Just a few months before the release of the game, an optimistic hype had been created around Capcom's attempt to give us a "re-innovated" MotoGP experience.

Two months ago, the game hit the stores and gave gamers the opportunity to finally see for themselves what Capcom had managed to create.

Did Capcom's take on the MotoGP franchise proved to be another mediocre bike simulator or a hidden gem?

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