Hidden Video In Resident Evil 5 Demo Reveals That A Cruel Darkness Awaits

GameXtract writes "This week Capcom has released a demo of Resident Evil 5 to Japanese Xbox Live users, although many users across the world manage to sneak pass the Japan only tag line, and download the demo. Capcom soon caught on, and region locked it altogether. The demo itself is fun, and full of zombie crazy moments, but just like many other demos, this one comes with its own hidden video trailer showing us just how far this dark story will pull you in. The minute long trailer showcases a mysterious figure who's able to transform a human into complete heartless zombie in a matter of seconds. If you watch the trailer closely you will notice that this figure is a women from noticing the high heel shoes. Is Resident Evil 5 getting its own version of Alma? Only time will tell."

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Arsenic133633d ago

I wouldn't say that she turned him instantly. But she was certainly was the reason.

Drano3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I'm pretty sure this woman has something to do with that Jill Valentine Grave. Nobody really "dies" (at least... most human characters come back zombified or B.O.W.-ified) in the Resident Evil Universe. Remember Wesker and his Deus Ex Machina Injec-- I mean Virus Injection that brought him back to "life" with a couple of extras?

Jump Beyond.

coolfool3633d ago

to the trailer which shows Jill's tomb?

I haven't seen it and was just wondering where she was buried, was her grave in africa?

Gun_Senshi3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

While RE5 looks good its not resident evil its a shooter....

I will buy and enjoy RE5 and its Co-Op mode too but I do miss old Resident Evil 1 and 2.

RE1: Diractor's Cut on PSX <3

Britney Spears3633d ago

yea man i agree, it's not RE anymore.

Bnet3433633d ago

Everyone changes directions once in a while. I'm sure they'll go back to the traditional RE some time in the future.

Gitaroo3633d ago

Funny when you mention that, because you still cant move when you shoot, which makes it a a horrible shooter. Ppl keep say that keep the tension of the game, but I think dead space does a much better job than any RE game every did.

Heldrasil3633d ago

Change is great! The new RE5 is welcome in my collection any time.

While "Dead Space" is an "okay" game, it is no RE.

iNcRiMiNaTi3633d ago

if the re2 remake for the wii isnt like re4 but more like the re1 remake for the gamecube, i might be forced to buy a wii

militant073633d ago

right re isnt scary anymore i still remember when i was playing re3 and that nemsis thig is scary as sh!t when you have to fight it.

i was kid and not good on shooters game at that time .

Kleptic3633d ago

the new direction is fine for a third person action game...but I agree, its a little strange to hear them named a RE game...

RE4 was fun, and the changes were fine...but I couldn't get past the fact that I wished they would have just made a new IP out of it...the game was solid enough that it would still have been a hit without question (all things considered with it releasing on the GC first)...and they could have just let the RE franchise rest for a generation or so...and then return to the more iconic gameplay of the PS1 era...

RE4 was great...and RE5 will probably follow...but RE1 and RE2 were the definitive games of the series imo, and its arguably been downhill since then...

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Imallvol73633d ago

eh . . . its ok. Not a draw dropping video.

Bnet3433633d ago

I wish I had a Japanese Gold account right now ...

thegameisback3633d ago

For a second she seems like Ada...

Marcello3633d ago

I heard something suggesting it would be Sherry Burkin

William Birkin3633d ago

What are you accusing my daughter of?

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