Netjak : Arkanoid DS Review

Rick Healey writes "In the 80's, one of the biggest games in arcades was named after something destroyed in the game's backstory. That game was Arkanoid – named after a ship transporting colonists to a new world, which was destroyed by a dimensional rift, which eventually captured the escape capsule, the Vaus. It was perhaps the final evolution of Breakout, the classic video game in which you bounced a ball off of a paddle to destroy bricks onscreen. It added enough plot to make it more than just an excuse to throw quarters in a machine, and it added all sorts of wrinkles to the gameplay – power-ups, enemies, and even a boss at the end (the dimensional entity DoH). But it's been a long time since the Vaus has ventured into the rift – not since Arkanoid: DoH It Again! for the Super Nintendo.

Except this time, DoH isn't anywhere to be found. In fact, the old space vessel Arkanoid doesn't exist either. Instead, the game takes place around the sun Arkanoid, and the planets that revolve around it. Apparently, some strange force has captured the other inhabitants of this solar system, and only one, name Ananke and resembling the Prince of All Cosmos, can save the others by boarding the Vaus (that's still around, at least) and breaking bricks until he can free his friends."

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