Guitar Hero 5 Wishlist

Written By: Dee4leeds

The other day Activision announced they would be raping the Guitar Hero brand once again with Guitar Hero 5. Most likely they will be releasing it about one year today... so I'm doing a wishlist. In a year, if you remind me, I'll see how well mine compares or maybe if they took inspiration from my list.

And yes, I did do one for Guitar Hero 4 last year. You can read it here. Only two songs made it into the real set list... not bad. Anyway the problem with my wishlist was diversity, it contained a lot of screaming. I'd like to think me and my music collection have grown since then and this years list will hopefully have a larger diversity of music. (Or should that be a larger diversity of screaming?)

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BlackIceJoe3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Please tell me some of these songs are a joke. Because I don't want any Jonas Brothers song in GH5. Little girls might like them but no way. Plus if they are in GH5 then GH really has become crap like some gamers are saying. Songs with the Jonas Brothers might help sell the game more to little kids but do you think any one in there right mind would want to play GH with there songs. So I hope they are not in GH5.

LokMessier3632d ago

Doesn't Disney have their own version anyway? Jonas brothers are probably in that Disney version so why should GH have them? Think everyone will ask that question to.

Though most of all I'd rather see these as DLC, I mean for the most part It doesn't seem like a 5th Guitar hero would be needed especially after World Tour just came out.

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy3632d ago

I don't know what to say some of them are good and then some of those were horrible.

Jamegohanssj53632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

The lack of NIN's makes this ultimate failure. Yes I like Toto, Twisted Sister, and Motorhead, but NIN's is the ultimate WIN!.

That Jonas Brothers song sucks. SOS or Hold On > All.


MikeD1593632d ago

my point exactly, i hope they make some NIN DLC

NaiNaiNai3632d ago

i want to see some queen, some real muse songs. im tired of them beating around the bush, GHWT was a big disapointment, i ended up beating it and seling it, and i still have rock band 2, and i hated rock band 1.

Ice2ms3632d ago

I only have one Guitar Hero Wish - Give up

GHWT was dismal.

Rock Band 2 pwns it in every concievable way