Xbox 360 Japan Ad Sings "Joy to the World"

SCRAWL: "What else could bring "Joy to the World" besides an Xbox 360 and a couple of it's hit titles in Japan? Those titles include Halo 3, Infinite Undiscovery, Prince of Persia, Tales of Vesperia, Devil May Cry 4, Blue Dragon, and The Last Remnant. We must admit, the ad is very pleasing to watch, and the end of it is just downright in the spirit of the holidays."

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Mr PS33661d ago

The PS3 is King
Buy a 360
And you get a Free Red Ring

aggh im on fire3661d ago

I went on the Japanese 360live yesterday to download the resi5 demo. While most of there market place is the same i did really like the top ten countdown with the crazy Japanese woman... it was just like the instruction vid from the movie Battle Royal. They should put it on the western version.
Bit off topic but there you go.

facepalm3661d ago

"Joy to the world the Lord 'IS' come"??

Not even commercials for an American console could escape the wonders known as "Engrish"...

ElementX3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Um.... look up the lyrics for Joy to the World. "Is" is used. I remember that from when I used to go to church.

More modern renditions of the song, such as those by pop musicians, changes the word to "has"

The Judderman3661d ago

Once again the 360 has destroyed the Ps3 in sales and games this year. With sales on the rise in Japan its only a matter of time before Sony realise what a mistake the Ps3 is and go back to making middle of the range TV's.
I feel sorry for the consumers mostly having sucked up Sony's lies the last few years but in a way i have to laugh.
Sony's Ps3 has become the laughing stock of the games industry.

TrooGamer3661d ago

So full of it...

Sales are on the rise in Japan?? Are they? oh yeah forgot PS3 sold 35k n 360 sold 12k with Last Remnant!! Such a pathetic statement but thats fanboys for u..sales, sales, sales.

Enjoy the console you own and the games and get over yourself.

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The story is too old to be commented.