Should Square Return to Console-Exclusive Status?

Split-Screen writes: "Many of you may laugh at the above headline. You may criticize this article's notions - or simply bypass them as wishful thinking. Fair enough, I don't blame you. This is Square-Enix we're talking about...and who possibly doesn't know or understand the history behind that name?

"Progress can't be stopped so easily, but then, many people never imagined Sega would ditch the hardware business and become a multi-platform developer. However, in an age where 'big business' has become a dirty word, Square-Enix may yet consider retrenching and refocusing its efforts towards a single console."

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PirateThom3631d ago

They're practically a Microsoft second party anyway, but their games still suck

Nike3631d ago

Exactly...and somehow games like The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery are supposed to tide us over until FFXIII releases. Just like how they released Einhander, Front Mission 2, Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy Tactics to tide us over after Final Fantasy VII and until Final Fantasy VIII. Only...those didn't suck. :P

Jamegohanssj53631d ago

Pirate dude pretty much sums this up.


SullyDrake3631d ago

As will be FFXIII. The 360 is a failed attempt at RPG's. RPG's need the space of Blu-Ray and on a lesser degree, the d-pad of the PS3 controller. All RPG's should be on one disc. This isn't the time of the PSone boys, Blu-Ray is true next-gen and is M$ doesn't wanna adopt, they can die watching it prevail.

ultimolu3631d ago

Lol, blunt and straight to the truth.

MJY2K3631d ago

I'm not sure if Last Remnant will be better on PS3. 2 Words, Unreal Engine. It still doesn't perform as well on PS3 as 360 and if it had problems on 360 I think I'll skip it and just wait for White Knight Story/Chronicles and the new FFs.

RyuStrife3631d ago

I don't really mind if they go Multi-platform. I just mind the part where they try to get onto the Western market(using the UE3). And also, if they were going to go Multi, at least make most of the game play better. Claiming "we have no favorite console" and releasing exclusives on Xbox360 is total BS.

PirateThom3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Re: Last Remnant: If they can't get a multiplatform title that leads on 360 right, how can they possible get one that leads on PS3 right?

Honestly, I'm worried about FFXIII on both platforms.

Millah3631d ago

Square just needs to remember what got them where they are in the first place. It doesn't matter which consoles they develop for, they just need to remember that making great Japanese RPGs is what made them successful, not making RPGs that are targeted for the broader audience.

If Wada can finally drive that into his arrogant skull, then maybe Square can come back. Either way Wada needs to be fired immediately k?

Edge Maverick3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Larger install, better potential sales, reaching out to the american audience more....

but they're alienating their fans who don't want a 360 (japan), developing garbage, delaying their development and looking like total hypocrites developing exclusively for 360 at times when supposedly there is no more "one-console market".

Square's got some issues these days. They need to work them out. Maybe going PS3 exclusive again would help, but I doubt they'll committ to it again.

MNicholas3631d ago

JRPGs have not and will never succeed on the 360 platform. It's anathema to those who identify with the Microsoft brand. This is why Microsoft has had to prepay developers to produce JRPGs. The games simply are not profitable at retail on the 360 platform.

The Wii is also a poor market for JRPGs. In fact, very few 3rd party games of any type have succeeded on the Wii. These are casual gamers who don't care for spending too much time or money on gaming.

The PS3, on the other hand, like the 360 has a huge and loyal contigent of hard-core gamers. However, instead of being hard-core for technicolor bald space marine FPS games, they crave JRPGs, racing sims and such. This is where Square Enix ought to be spending their precious resources. If they make fewer games and focus on quality they may return to the grade A status they once enjoyed.

ruibing3631d ago

Exactly, I couldn't agree more. Despite their insistence on not being exclusive to any console, all we've seen is them pampering the MS console and user base.

If you look up the word hypocrite in a dictionary, one day there will be the SE logo right next to it.

Gue13631d ago

For those that are saying that the games would have been better if were PS3 exclusive... sorry to burst you bubble but a crap game is a crap game no matter in what system you put it.

BLuKhaos3631d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about FF13 since its being developed on the PS3 first then ported.

GUNS N SWORDS3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )


"As will be FFXIII. The 360 is a failed attempt at RPG's."

the 360 version of ff13 is coming after the ps3 version, so what ever problems that they came across in the ps3 version you might not see in the 360 version, and if SE had as much hate for MS and 360 like most of the dudes in the post there wouldn't be a 360 version at all.

and as for 360's failed attempts for rpgs, it has Mass effect which still holds the best graphics for any RPG and it's all on 1 dvd, fable 2, lost odyssey which looks better than any jrpg so far, and tales of vesperia which looks close to an actual Japanese anime motion picture.


SaiyanFury3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

SquareSoft's golden age was on the SNES and even more on the original PlayStation console. Practically every game they put out was pure gold because they focused their efforts on a single game or 2 games at a time. They didn't have 15 remakes of games they'd released back in the early 90s. They didn't have 30 handheld games coming out for release in the next year. They didn't release mediocre games on multiple platforms to try and reap every dollar possible. They had their focus on a single platform, perhaps a handheld thrown in for good measure and they consistently put out quality titles. When I was in my late teens I remember always looking forward to the next Final Fantasy title. The anticipation for FFVIII was almost unbearable until I got to try the demo with Brave Fencer Musashi.

My point is that EVERY SquareSoft game used to be met by every RPG fan with eager anticipation, and now the games come and most are just "meh, another S-E game". S-E has ruined their once great reputation. SquareSoft used to be a developer. Now Square-Enix is a corporation whoring out for every dollar. I don't know if it's possible to reclaim their once greatness. If they focused on a single console, I'd prefer it to be PS3 because most RPGamers tend to associate the Japanese console with JRPGs, even as much as MS tends to throw money around. Lord knows I bought my PS3 with the anticipation of FF13, I never even envisioned a 360 version even though I also have a 360. I'll still be getting the PS3 version as I had originally planned, and I'm sure many others will as well. Can S-E reclaim their greatness of the 90s? Only their actions will tell in the future.

Tony P3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Totally disagree.

Exclusivity isn't some magic formula for better games. A point that's been reiterated many times juxtaposes the argument against the (comparatively) lukewarm receptions of games like Project Slypheed and Infinite Undiscovery, 360 exclusives. I think it's true that they pretty much show the exclusive argument to be largely erroneous. So the assumption that PS3 exclusive SE titles would somehow be any better sounds optimistic at best. Take also into account that both were developed elsewhere and published by SE. The Last Remnant, however, developed in-house, will go multiplat so SE still honours its words in a sense. And more importantly, if the game plays better on PS3, only then can we argue up and down how more SE developed games should be on PS3 with actual proof.

Mr Fancy Pants3631d ago

words of true^

and more words of true below:::

"For those that are saying that the games would have been better if were PS3 exclusive... sorry to burst you bubble but a crap game is a crap game no matter in what system you put it."

S-E is getting more incompetent by the moment. This is not a matter of what console they are focusing on, this is more of a matter of their new business strategy...

SaiyanFury3630d ago

Thanks for the agrees people. I simply think that as a corporation S-E isn't doing the great things they used to. SquareSoft was a golden company as was ENIX back in the day. Star Ocean 2 was one of the best PS RPGs that I loved, but S-E's recent record isn't nearly as good as it used to be. S-E is a corporation more bent on making money that quality games. FFXII was great, but that was the last game I was highly anticipating. S-E should stick to a Japanese console for it's best sales. The 360 enjoys increased sales for a short time when a new RPG is released, but then sales dwindle. I'm not lying, and neither do numbers. I'd rather get Square games on my PS3 than the 360. And I'm sure a great many RPG lovers would agree.

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SleekDeF3631d ago

god damn it square has been messing up this gen when they said "we ganna help out Microsoft"

elorm93631d ago

I don't understand why they didn't just stick with making PS3 exclusives since the PS3 install base in Japan is better. I guess they were just reaching out to the US because the 360 is selling more over here.

But anyways, who cares? I just hope that Level-5 will take that RPG crown and finally teach Squeenix a lesson.

Kamikaze1353631d ago

That's because they want to appeal to the western audience. That's the only reason The Last Remnant was released on the 360 first. Also to help the 360 gain some JP sales since it's doing horribly over there

Itrguy0013631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

they might as well seeing as how well they have been getting along with MS. Only some of them remain being un-biased. but im still goin to buy Dissdia, KH on the PSP and DS, and some up coming PS3 exclusives from them like KH3, FFXIIIvs, and hmm thats all i can currently think of

josh143993631d ago

they will make exclusive games but you have to do a msoft and pay millions. i know infinite undiscovery was orignally going to be published by msoft so that had to be exclusive but star ocean is a tri-ace/square game so that should be multi plat. i just think sqaure have got greedy because japan loves there games but japan hate the 360 so basically they have lost a lot of business. jrpgs sell better on ps3 than 360

ramblingswede3631d ago

I own a PS3, not a 360 and am missing the JRPGs big time. Star Ocean should be multi, but you say JRPGs sell better on PS3 than 360? What JRPGs are even out on the PS3? Folklore (which I don't really consider a proper JRPG, even though the game was pretty good)? The JRPG lineup is pretty sparse, in my opinion.

elorm93631d ago

Valkyrie Chronicles says hi :)

TheColbertinator3631d ago

Eternal Sonata is on PS3 now you know

MrWonderful3631d ago

they need to support the ps3 way more. Basically all jrpgs have sold like crap on the 360 compared to their western counterparts. The only reason i own a 360 is for my jrpg fix. If they made the games on ps3 they wouldnt have to worry about recouping the money cuz people will buy them and the ps3 in japan for the most part where they love rpgs.