Ludacris Raps About Your Favorite Video Games

The Koalition: Ludacris has written a song about our favorite subject video games. The song titled "Press The Start Button" is a bonus track from the Dutch version of Theater Of The Mind. Give it a listen. Ludacris is definitely one of the best lyricist in the game, and proves it. He makes Soul Calibur and Assassins Creed punchlines sound hot without being cheesy. Who else can do that?

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byeGollum3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

The Song Is iLL! .. I Need Access To It =D

soon ill ill be pressing the play button! .. damn right its KooL.

barom3632d ago

lmao this line was funny

It's Ludacris parents think I'm a weirdo
I'm the god of war you're a guitar hero

so cheesy yet so funny

bigshynepo3632d ago

"I'm a God of War and you're a Guitar Hero...." LOL!

I love it! Luda brought back some mad nostalgia and managed to mix in all kinds of newly released hits. This song is gonna blow up!

Keep spreading the gaming love, 'Cris.


Man i love this song....

God of war rules... :)

SSJSubgeta3631d ago

The beat is off the chain!

JsonHenry3631d ago

I like this rapper. He is funny as sh!t on a stick. I laugh at most of the stupidity I hear in hiphop music, but it is nice to listen to a song that is SUPPOSED to be funny instead of just plain old stupid and childish.

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akaFullMetal3632d ago

haha, thats a pretty cool song

Amnesiac3632d ago

LOL @ Luda being one of the best lyricists in the game. LOL

Yeah, maybe if all you listen to is mainstream mall-rap.

RememberThe3573632d ago

I have a lot of friends that work in underground rap/hip-hop/r&b, they all agree that Luta has one of the sickest flows out there.

Amnesiac3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I agree, he does have a great flow. But, your friends seem to not know what they're talking about since having a good flow has nothing to do with being a good lyricist.

heroicjanitor3632d ago

Yeah you are right it's just elitism at work it's everywhere. If it's obscure people will claim it's better just because they know about it and they then seem smart and people will furiously agree since nobody who likes mainstream music is going to argue

RememberThe3573632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Many of the famed underground rapper are terrible lyricists, they just have a different flow them main stream artists.

And yes, there is a difference between flow and lyricism. However, if he had crap lyrics I wouldn't have his back. Luta powered out of the underground for a reason, the boys sick.

I agree with both statements but heroicjanitor put it perfectly. Underground rappers think they are the best freaking rappers ever. They're not. Many have sh*t production, poor rhymes, and ever worse beats.

Don't get me wrong, most mainstream rappers suck. But so do most underground rappers. Thats my point when I say it's equal.

Many people right off music just because it's mainstream, even though some of these musicians put out quality product with a ton of heart and effort put in.

PoSTedUP3631d ago

underground rappers such as immortal technique, necro, jedi mind tricks, ill bill etc. (the great ones). i agree that the majority suck but their is amazing talent in the underground. immortal technique is known around the world and he never hit the market like that, he put himself out there because he doesn't want to be told what to rap about. those rappers deserve more credit than all the mainstream ones because they got big on their own.

luda is king of the south.

likedamaster3631d ago


It's "Luda" not Luta.

N4Flamers3631d ago

sorry I love underground music, but i can respect comercial music too. Luda does have good lyrics, hes actually fresh and off the wall. I think most of the time people just hear names and think well if everyone else likes it, it must suck.

I being an ex-lyricist myself actually listen to lyrics more than beats and cant deny that song was sick. All your underground examples are flawed. Jedi mind tricks only good because of production, I mean their early stuff was good, but thats it. Vinnie pazz only talks about the same crap every mainstream rapper talks about except he hates on jesus to seem edgy. Immortal technique barely entertaining he was just boring. Necro, ill bill, same thing where is the substance in that mostly talking about chicks or drugs, no point.

I actually like most of the people you listed but I dont disillusion myself by thinking that what they have to say is anymore important or on some different level than any mainstream people, please. Try good music like atmosphere, aesop rock, kaos, de la soul, word of mouth, queli, mood, natural elements, el-p, I can go on.

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WeaponX3632d ago

"I'm a God of War, U just a Guitar Hero"

best line in the whole song

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