1UP: A clarification on a comment made in the Killzone 2 preview

Due to the huge backlash of PS3 fans 1UP's Thierry Nguyen have this an more to say on his preview:

"I know I shouldn't be amazed, but I still am when people think I'm a Gears fanboy (which is funny since I've barely played any Gears 2) who writes nothing but slanderous words about Killzone2 and cites a misinterpretation of statement as proof, while ignoring the other nice things I've said. Oh internet, how I love thee."

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Omega43631d ago

I really dont know why PS3 fans are expecting this to be the shooter of all shooters just because of a few positive previews.

People should be a lot more interested in the negative comments about the game so when the reviews come they wont be such a shock. I mean did anyone read the previews of Haze before it was released? They were all glowing even from IGN since they are generally there to build hype, but once the reviews hit the negative points came out in the bucket loads. The same will likely happen to Killzone too.

The fact that people lash out at a previewer just because he said a bad thing about a game you like is just beyond pathetic

sunnygrg3631d ago

Fans are hyping KZ2 because it deserves everything it is getting. KZ2 is developed by GG and they have had plenty of support from the SCE team and yes, Insomniac too.

And Haze, you say? That game had promise, Free Radical just couldnt implement. But, with Killzone2, we are talking on a whole different level. Fans in the beta loved it (I hear no complaints, at least). Review sites are loving it.

"This incomplete game is already good enough to merit a 'Very Good' moniker" This statement coming from a guy who said he plays Gears, loved Fallout 3 and still gave it a B.

Admit it, KZ2 graphics are out of this world. And being one of those who haven't played it yet, I will just wait and see how it really plays when it ships.

Violater3630d ago

I can say you do not know what you are talking about.
Many of the negative comments coming out of 1 up are unjustified.
Yes it is good to listen to criticism especially if it could make the game better.
But not when some of them are just uninformed.

arika3630d ago

few positive reviews?! are you out of your mind, or are you saying a few negative reviews from ps3 haters. from what i have been hearing from friends who are in the beta and a lot of reliable(note reliable sites) this game is going to be the best fps ever. and how can you blindly defend a person or an organization when you yourself have no clue what they are talking about. do you even own a ps3? if you do are you in the killzone 2 beta? if not just keep it real and don't make up youre own story.

Rob0g0rilla3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The beta has already won me over.

I could care less how many negative stories you post about this game so you can sleep at night.

"The same will likely happen to Killzone too. "

Save your opinions and judgment about the game until you buy a PS3 and play it. Until then stay on quiet mode. There just opinions kiddo. Yours holds no weight.

"The fact that people lash out at a previewer just because he said a bad thing about a game you like is just beyond pathetic"

Trolling is even more pathetic.

solidjun53630d ago

"Save your opinions and judgment about the game until you buy a PS3 and play it"

But Omega4 said a few weeks back that he has a PS3. LOL! as always, he's full of SH...Shoot, I have to get to Toy's R Us. Be right back.

PirateThom3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Omega - If reviews are that important to you, you'd already own a PS3 and LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4.

The fact is, the entire gaming media got completely owned by Killzone 2.

After bashing Sony and Guerilla Games because they let their own imaginations run away with them over a target render and then lash out when they found it was CGI only to have their ego's bruised when they found that the render was not only exceeded, but the gameplay held up too. They can't accept that Sony are the one's delivering on their promises this gen, so are forced to nitpick.

The game will get bad reviews, if 7-8s are bad, but not because it deserves them, but because Sony and Guerilla delivered what they all claimed was impossible.

gaffyh3630d ago

@Omega4 - I don't know about you, but I don't give a sh*t what the reviews say, they are a just a guideline imo. I make up my mind by watching gameplay videos, dev interviews, playing demos/betas (main reason I bought LBP) AND watching reviews and previews.

But even from the videos I can tell that this game looks like it will be fantastic. You'v got to be a complete xbox fanboy to not see that this game looks amazing, and looks like it plays amazing too.

Also I hate Thierry Nguyenhe's a complete retard, and way too harsh on review scores. e.g. - he game R2 B+ which ATLEAST deserves A-, but it's obvious he gave it a B cos he's a fanboy. I mean for God's sake, the first game got A- ( and this one is much better than the first one in almost every way.

beavis4play3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

i've never seen a shooter look like this. that's the reason i'm so excited. that and what i keep hearing about how KICK @SS crazy the final 4 levels are.

come on omega4, look at the rest of the high-profile shooters: COD series, resistance, halo series, crysis, farcry........KZ2 stands out. i could care less what system it's out for because if i didn't own it- i'd buy it so i could play the game. i actually think you're a bigger fanboy because you won't acknowledge how spectacular KZ2 looks.

and what are you talking about with haze? all i read in previews was how "meh" the game was shaping up to be. that's why when i played the demo and it sucked....i wasn't surprised. plus, comparing haze (or any shooter except crysis) to KZ2 is foolish; since no other shooter can match its visuals.

one area i can agree with you is how the game plays. i won't know how great that is until i acutally get it.(and no preview from sites like 1UP, edge, eurogamer, gamedaily, gamespot, gamesradar are going to influence me. i've had my copy paid for since last year......and we'll find out next february. i just hope you show up on the threads when the game turns out to be incredible.

Rock Bottom3630d ago

I can't see Omega's post. :o

uie4rhig3630d ago

Correction, "The fact is, the entire gaming media got completely Killzowned by Killzone 2." ;)

seriously tho.. i still haven't played it (not beta :( ) but from what i have seen it looks like its gonna become GOTY of 2009 if it doesn't it will come a close second (like really close).. i guess sony weren't lying when they said the PS3 can do anything..

ultimolu3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Omega, you know what I'm sick of?

PS3 games being graded unfairly.

This will be my second year owning my launch PS3 and I have never, and I mean never played this many quality 1st party exclusive games in my entire life. I can see the amount of effort and time that went into these titles.

From what I'm seeing in this generation, Sony are being punished to death for their mistakes, and that excess punishment is unnecessary. They messed up, and every PS3 fan is aware of that. But there are also things that they HAVE done right.

All PS3 fans are asking for is that Killzone 2 gets the preview that it deserves. This game is INCREDIBLE and for 1up to find something stupid to nitpick the game on is just...I don't even know how to describe it.

It's just stupid.

This game should be respected for what it is-ten times better than the original one and may very well be one of the best games on the PS3.

And another thing. Based on your comments, you do not own a PS3. You have never breathed on a PS3. You bash every single thing under the sun that's PS3 related.

It's time to grow out of this.

Itrguy0013630d ago

Omega look at all the shyt that you 360 fans have been hyping up and then u guys get support from biased 360 sites is just plain BS

Aclay3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

All I've got to say is this, Omega and all the rest of these Xbox 360 fanboys on this site are going to be in a puddle of tears once they see how many outstanding reviews Killzone 2 will get.

As far as Haze goes, in my opinion the game looked very "meh" before it was even released even if there was some positive previews. sing Killzone 2 and Haze in the same sentence should be a crime. Killzone 2 is on a entire different level of production value.

Every 360 fanboy were saying that Killzone 2's A.I. was gonna be crap, the framerate was going to be horrible, but after looking at the new Single Player gameplay videos, even with all that detail and action going on at one time, the framerate is spot on and the enemy A.I. is amazing. If anyone looks at Killzone 2's gameplay and thinks that it's going to be a flop must be mental or something.

So many 360 fanboys want Killzone 2 to flop, but guess what? It's not going to, so get over it. Omega and the rest of the 360 fanboys obviously are jealous that us PS3 owners get a high calibur highly anticpated game to kick off the new year, but all they have is GTA4 DLC in February. And the fact that Omega posts in almost every Killzone 2 preview thread just makes it obvious that he Fears the release of this game because it's shaping up so good... ha ha ha!

Killzone 2 FTW!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to February 27th!

Doppy3630d ago

He say as of right now the game would get a "B" (still a good grade) which insinuates that if they iron out the glitches, and polish the game to the max it could get a higher score, so there's no reason to be upset (besides it's an opinion).

The thing you should look at is this.

Released right now, it's a solid effort with some annoying glitches (some scripted sequences necessary for mission progress didn't happen due to the friendly A.I. failing to trigger said sequences) that could garner a B.

"This incomplete game is already good enough to merit a 'Very Good' moniker or, if you're into the whole numbers thing, an 85%. If it's this good already, I look forward to seeing the polished version when it comes out."

So he just stated that games that receive a "B" have a percentage of 85% which we all should know from school. However websites like Metacritic and Gamerankings give games that score a "B" only 75% meta and 80% GR and it gets way lower with each drop. GR is a lot closer to the actual grade and they use the same review sources most of the time which is why I like them better, but both need to change their systems.

I contacted Metacritic about this and they basically said this is how we do it and if you don't like it then too bad. Fortunately for them I'm not a hacker or I would waste that website, but I still think they need to make the change.

OuterHaven3630d ago

why are u commenting on a PS3 thread, stick to 360.

pixelsword3630d ago

...move along people; nothing to see here.

prowiew3630d ago

I hate it when editors, reviewers from big gaming sites respond to negative comments by fanboys. Just ignore them. Be yourself and let the fanboys fight themself

Ju3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

@aebriscoejr That's not the point. Other games had these glitches in the release version (!) and got a free ride to the 10. That what upsets PS3 gamers. He could simple have spared us and himself a stupid comment like that. Even putting a B close to Killzone2.

And one more thing. Its their own fault. Would they have used the same standards from the beginning and could they ever come up with an objective measure system, nobody would be upset. But it seams, they (some gaming sites incl. 1up) try to establish these standards on PS3 games only.

One tip to 1up. Let someone with some love for the PS3 review this game. Please.

Omega43630d ago

Only 55 disagrees i expected more from this site lol

For the gaming communities sake i really do hope K2 does get top reviews because if it doesnt there will a lot of angry people on this site and after what happened to 1UP i can only imagine what kind of hate mail the PS3 community will dish out to other sites in fact i dont even want to think about it

Oh and for all those people who played the beta and say its great didnt you say the same for resistance 2 as well a look how that turned just saying :)

GWAVE3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )


Yes, look how it turned out: amazing. R2 offers some of the most robust and entertaining online play on the market right now.

Oh, and since people LOVE "Gears 2 vs R2" comparisons, which one has working servers right now?

And statements like this are why you get disagrees:

"The fact that people lash out at a previewer just because he said a bad thing about a game you like is just beyond pathetic"

But of course, you'll simply believe that the site is full of PS3 fanboys and that they're all out to get you, right? Funny, because you're just as quick to shoot down any equally-ridiculous conspiracy theories that claim journalists are biased against the PS3. In fact, that's what you're doing right now.

solidjun53630d ago

"Oh and for all those people who played the beta and say its great didnt you say the same for resistance 2 as well a look how that turned just saying :)"

Do you actually think (I know it can be hard for you) before you try to make your point? Well since you obviously don't have a PS3 and quite obviously never played R2, let me tell something. It's great, it's fun and the 8 player co-op is addictive. But you wouldn't know since you're like spew ignorant mess out your...fingers.

Omega43630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Believe!!!!??? Its a fact that this site is full of PS3 fanboys, just look at the top 3 stories on the front page they are clearly in favor of the 360 right? You would never see story like that which put down the PS3 because the sites population would bombard them with Lame reports

The thing is everyone only says sites are biased against the PS3 when one of their precious exclusives get slammed, they werent saying 1UP were biased when LBP got a perfect score were they? I wonder why that was

Oh and before i forget for those who said i didnt own a PS3 he sum pics i took to prove some other guy on this site wrong:

Ju3630d ago

Omega, I don't get it. What are you trying to achieve here ?

GWAVE3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Hah hah. Omega4 getting all riled up...

You're a fanboy. Plain and simple. You pretend to walk the high road, but anyone with half a brain can see through your farce. Every time I read your posts I laugh at all of the contradictions and slippery half-truths. Just because you have the privilege to post news on this site doesn't somehow cleanse you from fanboyish attitudes. Sadly, it is people like you in positions of video game journalism who are the same way, and that's why we have such an unbalanced and biased system of video game reviews.

"The thing is everyone only says sites are biased against the PS3 when one of their precious exclusives get slammed"

...and 360 owners only brag about sales and review scores when they're in their favor. Contradictions are everywhere. The problem is that you are under the (false) impression that PS3 owners are the only ones who fall prey to hypocrisy and bias.

And sadly, you truly believe that just because you own all the consoles, somehow that cleanses you from the fanboy label. It doesn't. I've had two 360s (both got the RRoD). Oooooh! I hate the 360! It's a terrible, terrible system. It's worthless. But hey, my statements are completely true and unbiased. I am not a fanboy because I've owned all the systems! Woooo hooo!

Omega43630d ago

LOL Who said i wasnt a fanboy, i love the 360 and thats why i defend it so much im not denying that, if i said otherwise then i apologize and take it back

"you truly believe that just because you own all the consoles, somehow that cleanses you from the fanboy label. It doesn't."

Why dont you tell that to the PS3 fanboys who use that as a way to make them seem neutral. Oh but let me guess insulting the 360 and praising the PS3 isnt being a fanboy is it

Dark General3630d ago

It's like Thom said. The gaming media at large still doesn't want to admit "We were wrong about Killzone 2". If it's not the graphics then it's being skeptical of gameplay. I've been reading that the gameplay is solid so now it's down to the small things. Since it controls uniquely some people are harping on that. But like i said had it have controls like CoD4 it would be deemed a CoD4 clone with better graphics and a sci-fi twist.

I don't personally expect this game to be "revolutionary" or the next coming of the best fps evar. But i expect it to be a highly enjoyable game both in single player and online. To put it in the same breath as Haze is ludicrous. Haze never showed promise in my eyes. It looked like a horribly stupid grindhouse movie. Killzone 2 looks more like it could be a good summer action flick.

Sitdown3630d ago

You said, "One tip to 1up. Let someone with some love for the PS3 review this game. Please."

So people get upset when somebody you deem as an xbox fanboy previews the game......but you are okay with a ps3 lover giving the you move from one end of the spectrum to the other? How is that fair? They need someone to preview/review the game who likes/loves video games regardless of what system it is on......not a somebody with love for a console, but a love for games.

r3xmund13630d ago

The Beta (i played it until today) was nothing but amazing. Some issues which are acceptable in a BETA... but TBH a lot of ppl WANT this to fail... and frankly that saddens me.

I have both consoles and this is the finest FPS on a console (based on the BETA). An I played Halo 2 for 2 1/2 years solid!!!!!

Srsly peeps don't hate, appreciate


Dark General3630d ago

I completely agree sitdown. Giving the game to a person who's biased for the Ps3 is just as bad and could possibly "fluff" the review. The point is to be "objective" here. I didn't see any of the 1up previews pieces of previews as bad. Seeing only small things being said bad about it is a GOOD THING. Something that's purely preference like how the enemies look is something very small and easily overlooked.

Previews are supposed to be precursors for how the game is looking leading up to the review. Not anything more not anything less.

RememberThe3573630d ago

I mean, virtually every body on this site dislikes you comments, yet you keep getting bubbles.

Multiple accounts?

memots3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Again someone commenting about something he doesn't know di$# about.

I'm in the beta.. And here... your getting it from real source.

This beta only has 3 level and i completly stopped playing cod4/r2/halo3 when i got my beta key.
Yes its that good. This is the best shooter on any console.

Don't call me Fanboy i got ps3/360 and a gaming rig.
I'm just a gamer.

See what i did here guy? i actually commented on something i know about. Not just talking out of my A$$ like most people here.

DiabloRising3630d ago

Again, there's a difference between constructive criticism and nitpicking. Both 1up and IGN seem to be doing the latter. If there are issues with the game, you know what, bring them up! But to go the route of LOOKING for something to dislike (I don't like the Helghast/The shotgun could sound beefier) is just pathetic.

You know what, I don't like the Locust of Gears 2... I better score the game lower because of my personal tastes instead of being an objective journalist? Please. Reading 1ups preview you could tell it was 3 backhanded fanboy compliments and one person who actually owned a PS3, instantly.

And since when are these guys game designers and developers anyways? I didn't see them calling out CoD4 or Halo 3 BEFORE release for issues like poor pacing, idiotic buddy AI, repetitive enemies, skittles colored enemies because they think they would look better dressed in gray, no bosses... shall I go on? They are calling out KZ2 on issues that have plagued EVERY MAJOR FPS released this gen. Why is it suddenly bad now? Oh right, because its Killzone, and it has to be bashed.

I expect KZ2 to be an amazing LOOKING game. How does it play? I expect it to be a solid shooter, I don't expect it to be some FPS revelation. Frankly, CoD4, Halo 3, none of the big shooters are revelations. They do what they do, they do it well, and its fun. To expect any more is silly, but I'm sure fanboys will lash out at it because it doesn't reinvent a wheel that doesn't need reinventing.

But really now, if you people don't see BIAS in the media, towards ANY console, then you are helpless, and they own you.

boodybandit3630d ago

well said.

What's pathetic (as you started off with your first comment) is this so called journalist defending his initial remarks because it makes him look guilty of what he is being accused of in the first place. If he honestly believed what he wrote he wouldn't feel the need to defend it.

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Simon_Brezhnev3630d ago

dis is officially the most hated game of all time

PotNoodle3630d ago

I can see all the reviewers marking it low just because they really didn't expect or want it to be good.

ultimolu3630d ago

This game could get a -10 and I'll still buy it because it wowed me. I'm a female and I haven't played a lot of first person shooters in a while but this game won me over.

I'm incredibly excited and I'm preordering once I hear about a special edition package.

theEnemy3630d ago

is just keep digging his own grave.

arika3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

he might reach the earths core at this rate. lol!

PirateThom3630d ago

If he stood behind what he originally said, he wouldn't need to clarify anything.

kwyjibo3630d ago

Have you read the story? He is sticking to what he said, he's just calling out those who misinterpreted it as retards.

It's really not that hard to grasp, it is however, stating the obvious.

Ju3630d ago

He does. But the media are working for their customers not to convince gamers of their opinion. Not saying they should give in, primarily. But if there is a huge backlash, you need to evaluate what went wrong, rather then being defensive. These guys need to grow up and do just that.

AngryHippo3630d ago

were'nt the comments they made regarding the single player? Correct me if i'm wrong but the Killzone 2 beta i was playing was Multiplayer from quite an old build. The single player that was recently previewed was of a near final build from the campaign, wasn't it?!

Constructive criticism is good as long as its justified, but i think with this particular title no criticism is aloud. I think its clear now that if anyone says anything remotely negative about this game, there will be an almighty uproar from the Sony faithful. I do however believe it will be a fantastic title, i am just reserving judgement until i have seen more of the single player, and seen the more varried environments, the 'innovative' gameplay that people keep saying. I am sick of being caught up in hype, and feel constantly underwhelmed, i prefer no hype and to be blown away when i play it. That is what i want to do with Killzone 2.

SuperM3630d ago

as you said, criticism can be good as long as its justified. 1up havent been any good with the justification part though. Talking about how the helghast isnt a cool enemy because he prefers zombies and aliens(dont remember if it was in the preview or the 1up show). I mean are we going to grade down games, because there arent zombies and aliens in them? Way to destroy the gaming industry, then noone will make shooters with anyhing else then aliens or zombies anymore. And some dude saying that he didnt think Guerrilla was very good at making fun games, without any justification at all, which is kinda hillarious because its even fun watching this game, i cant even wait to actually get to play it.

The only guy that had actually played the entire game was the guy that was most positive about it. And what he said about the 4 last chapters gives me hope that this game will be to much for the slightly biased sources to downgrade.

But seriously though, if there is 1 game in the world that we know of that you would think people would like to pick on, what game would that be? The way i see it that game is KZ2, mainly because of the CG trailer, and how the media reacted when they found out it wasnt ingame. They really wanted this game to fail, and now they look stupid.