In-Game Advertising A Billion Dollar Business

According to SPOnG's exclusive interview with former Bitmap Brother, now VP of publishing for in-game advertising specialist IGA Worldwide, Ed Bartlett, in-game advertising will be worth $1.2-billion in three years' time.

"Two or three years back, the advertising spend in games was dramatically under-represented in relation to its share of media usage - when compared with other mediums, as you can see from the Arbitron, US Television Bureau of Advertising, Entertainment Software Association and Yankee Group report from last year," Bartlett told SPOnG.

That report compares media usage figures in TV, Newspapers, Radio, Internet and Games with the total amount of advertising spend in each medium in the US in 2003...

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timmyp534327d ago

those burger king games certainly were not subtle ads ...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4327d ago

maybe now the game companies will quit b!tchin about the skyrocketing cost of development and give our bank accounts a break! : )

gogators4327d ago

bitmap brother made in the earlier 90's? I remember playing something these guy did many years ago like that. You could up grade your players, buy new ones on the market.