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Submitted by falcon 2621d ago | news

Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Theft

A Colorado teen shot and killed by police this week had a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly stealing an Xbox 360 at gunpoint. (Xbox 360)

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Graphics Whore  +   2621d ago
"Police say 18-year-old Brandon Winn had previously met an acquaintance's friend in an apartment to supposedly buy an Xbox 360 from him for $170. When the exchange was to take place, Winn allegedly pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the man if he didn't hand over the gaming console."

"Winn bolted out of the house and pointed a gun at the police officers, according to an affidavit. An officer then shot him in the torso. He was taken to the hospital but later died from his injuries." -- Idiot.

This person didn't deserve to die obviously but the officer was conflicted when the person drew a weapon on the officer himself, crappy life lesson.
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vitz3  +   2620d ago
I wonder if the bullet-hole left a RROD?
sunnygrg  +   2620d ago
Serious Topic.

Also, in America, if you point a gun at an officer, they will shoot you. That kid was either high on weed or he really had a death wish.
JsonHenry  +   2620d ago
I don't care who you are - if you point a gun at me in a threatening manner I WILL shoot you and ask questions later.

NEVER threaten anyone with bodily harm without being willing to fight and get hurt yourself. That is just common sense 101.

And never point a gun at police officers. That guy must have been on crack or wanted to die.
Rock Bottom  +   2620d ago
What a way to die
SuperM  +   2620d ago
What an idiot, dieing because of a 360. If only it was a PS3 i could understand

On a serious note, he had it coming, nobodies fault but his own.
Sayai jin  +   2620d ago
You should never point a gun at a police officer and expect to live, but we all know that you do not have to have a gun or even be threatening a police officer for them to shoot you. Hmmmm wallets, car keys ,etc. We all no the subject.

Wow even in a serious article that is serious some fanboys had to throw a fanboy comment in there. For shame.
Deadman64  +   2620d ago
Absolutely. You pull a gun on an officer you will be shot. Why should the officer die for enforcing the law?
cactuschef  +   2620d ago
high on weed? Please, smoking marijuana does not change a person. A person who is dumb enough to pull a gun on police is just dumb naturally. A normal person wouldn't turn into a gun wielding criminal because they smoked weed. You must have been thinking about alcohol. That is a drug that actually does turn people into violent belligerent idiots.
Dino  +   2619d ago
@ sunny g
High on weed? high on weed ? It's stupidity on his part to act like a J-hole. If it was weed he would have been too tired to even get off the couch much less "bolt" out of the house.
tuneraider  +   2621d ago
The fact that he was stealing a 360... completely irrelevant. If the reports are to be believed, the police shot an armed robber in self-defense, plain and simple. Escapist is trying to capitalize on game industry hype; the headline could've simply read "Police Kill Teen After Armed Robbery" - but how interesting is that? By saying, "Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Theft" instead of "Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Robbery", the author is (intentionally or not) making it sound as if the guy took the 360 without resistance or using force. It happens everywhere all the time, but a tad sensationalist/inaccurate all the same. Sadly, this is not news.
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pansenbaer  +   2620d ago
Lame...I totally posted this like 3 days ago...
SprayandPreycom  +   2620d ago
no more gta for you ..
and when they interviewed his friends and family they all said what a good person he was and that he wasn't involved in gangs and he never used drugs and that he just started a new job.
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Timesplitter14  +   2620d ago
yeah well they pretty much say that for every single person that dies. I'm not blaming them, though. It's ok.
JsonHenry  +   2620d ago
I work in foster care and a kid of ours got shot and killed in an inner city in Ohio by gunshot wounds.

The news said he was a good guy as they interviewed family, the school he used to attend said he was a good student and started a memorial charity in his name.

The TRUTH? His family did not want him to come home because he was so violent and they could not control him. The school that set up the charity fund EXPELLED him for the year due to violence (he was failing at the time anyway).

Don't believe the news.
NaiNaiNai  +   2620d ago
reminds me of those two teens, who killed the guy for the ps3.
InMyOpinion  +   2620d ago
Good work! Shoot those teens! That'll teach 'em!
Gun_Senshi  +   2620d ago
ok so a guy steals and points gun as police. police "defend" by shooting.


I stomp on every Mushroom I see because Super Mario Taught me so!
ReBurn  +   2620d ago
You too?
Megaton  +   2620d ago
Pull a gun on a cop, you're gonna eat a bullet or two.
Kushan  +   2620d ago
That guy didn't live up to his name, much.
Zhuk  +   2620d ago
Consumer demand for the Xbox 360 is at such astronomical levels due to the $199 pricepoint that the shortages are causing people to take extreme measures to enjoy the Xbox 360's unrivalled AAA lineup and the NXE.
White-Sharingan  +   2620d ago
lol epic comment right here people

had my morning laugh
McLuvn  +   2620d ago
is a suicide
No Way  +   2620d ago
That is a form of suicide. People do it all the time. For some people it's easier for someone else to kill you then for you to kill yourself.
Johnny Rotten  +   2620d ago
It's all part of the Next Xbox Experience folks!
lyliade  +   2620d ago
Winn what?
Winn win nothing just a ticket for the morgue! the police shouldn't kill anyone who steal unless it's defense against an arm person.They should be more aware and there shouldn't be so much weapons in The united states as well.
Fowack  +   2620d ago
what are you 12
the kid pulled a gun on him so he shot him. this was completely understandable. the kid put the officer in a tough spot and he wasn't about to let the kid shoot him.
BYE  +   2620d ago
What does the 360 have to do with it?

First it was not stealing, it was armed robbery which is much more serious. And then he pointed the gun at a police officer.

Boulevard press at its worst.
Harry Pothead  +   2620d ago
... how come police always shoot to kill? aren't they trained?? any1 gonna anwser my question?

OH i get it...Its becuase he was BLACK!
and even though lyliade did'nt make sense i agree with him.
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BX81  +   2620d ago
Black R u Serious?
No one cares if he was black, white latino. Doesn't matter. The point is he was shot because he pointed his weapon with the presumed attempt to cause serious bodily harm to not only the police officers but any innocent civilian in the back drop. Police officers are trained to take down the subject and provide that subject with the proper medical attention. I wasn't there but that is the way the story read. Now the individual dies later after proper medical attention was used. What if the cop that shot him was black? The point is this they are trained but unless you've shot anyone your self lately you can't imagine the pressure of taking another individuals life.
Harry Pothead  +   2620d ago
u feel proud of urself?
since i have ur attention can u answer my question? why do cops kill so much, and use lethal bullets on the youth? how come they never aim 4 the arm or the leg, why didn't he shoot him in the shoulder? why he shot him in the chest which will kill him?

@below:lol at retard i understand that u got some kind rivalry with black ppl, but this is serious... cops killing youth over a game console. I guess i care more about the society then you do. now why don't u go flush urself down a toilet with dodo it in
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ambientFLIER  +   2620d ago
Yeah, you're right...the cop should have carefully chosen the least harmful place on the body to shoot while the suspect was aiming a weapon at them... How does shooting someone in the leg guarantee that they won't shoot you back while laying on the ground?

STFU, you f[_]cking retard. Skin color has nothing to do with this. I'm guessing you're black yourself, trying to play the race card every time something happens. Assh0le.
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wwedx  +   2620d ago
yea if he was a white he would of got shot in the leg or not gotten shot
ReBurn  +   2620d ago
@Harry Pothead
You're right. This is all the police's fault. After all, had they baked him some cookies and just offered him a hug he clearly wouldn't have pointed that harmless weapon at them. I mean, guns are only harmful in the hands of those that are licensed and trained to use them, right?

What's your opinion on the actual crime? Whose fault was that? What that the police's fault, too? Had they just given this upstanding young man an Xbox 360 of his own then he wouldn't have been forced to steal one. That would have been the most fair thing to do, don't you agree?
Bathyj  +   2620d ago
Harry, have you ever fired a gun? Its not a simple as it looks in the movies. An arm is not an easy thing to hit, especially when you have to think so quick and then still react.

And let me tell you something, some punk pulls a gun on me, and I dont care if hes black, white or chinese, I'll aim 3 shots square at his chest.

You put me in that situation, then I'm not responsible for what happens to you. Its action/reaction. You throw a ball against a wall, you should be ready for it to bounce back.
MY SAFETY is my first concern, the people around me second, his is a distance FKN 3rd.
Harry Pothead  +   2620d ago
these officers are supposed to be trained, and this isn't the 1st story with a policeman abusing his weapon and killing some1, remember sean bell(thats his name right?), it was on 4 like a month, all the god damn time like everyday.
No Way  +   2620d ago
@Harry Pothead
They kill because the person puts them in the position to make a tough choice. Take the chance that they might not shoot, but just using the gun as an intimidation method, or to shoot first. Cops are trained.. but, they are trained to know *when* to shoot, if the need arises. Once the kid pointed the gun at the officer, it was time to shoot. Cops aren't trained to shoot to kill, but, trained to lay their ass out. Besides, once the officers life is in danger, all bets are off.

This isn't the movies, kid. If someone is pointing a gun at you, you don't have time to react, you aim and fire. Simple as that. The easiest place to hit? Let me help you out since you seem incapable of the thought process.. The easiest place to hit is.. yep, the chest. Also, it's the kids fault he got shot in the first place.. He pointed a gun at an officer for fack sakes. Idiot much?

Skin color doesn't matter.. you aim a gun at me, I'ma blast your ass.
You'd do the same thing.. don't be stupid.
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Proxy  +   2620d ago
Why are cops only trained to shoot to kill?
Name a single situation where it's appropriate to use a gun and NOT shoot to kill. Guns are made for killing, the police are trained to use the tool properly.
ElementX  +   2620d ago
Police officers shoot at the largest part of the body, the torso, because it's the easiest to hit. People die from gunshot wounds to the torso. It's not like someone will risk the chance of shooting at the guy's arm and missing, then having the bullet hit an innocent person in the background.
humble_gamer  +   2620d ago
harry pothead
you been playin too much fallout to really expect this cop to shoot for an arm or a leg. You act as if he got his own d@mn VATS system for christ sake. guess what? in the real world there is no VATS and when under pressure like that you go into survival mode...shoot and ask questions later.
ambientFLIER  +   2620d ago
"cops killing youth over a game console"

Uh, no... They didn't kill him because he pointed an Xbox 360 at them. Neither his age, nor the crime really matters. All that matters is that he pointed a gun at them. Go point a gun at a Police Officer, while shouting "I didn't do anything" and see what happens.

Cops aren't abusing their weapons when someone points a gun a them and they shoot back. Please stop posting senseless garbage. Thanks.
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solsub  +   2620d ago
Pull a gun on a cop, you deserve to die. We already have too many idiots in this world.
therep  +   2620d ago
I agree with solsub. You pull a gun on me it's a wrap. It doesn't matter who it is.
therep  +   2620d ago
And what the heck is lyliade talking about, he's making no sense.
therep  +   2620d ago
You Winn some and you lose some. I guess he liked the streaming netflix and didn't want to give up the 360
Citizen Cook  +   2620d ago
I bet the police were sony fanboys!
If he'd stolen a PS3rd (which he didn't want) they would have just stunned him or let him go.

Riots in Bestbuy, now this, CLEARLY the 360 is in HIGH demand. Unlike the PS3rd which shops are removing from their shelves to make room for more 360 consoles...
Harry Pothead  +   2620d ago
DUDE you got like 1 bubble. Oh wait a minute you can't reply or edit hahahahah.
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SprayandPreycom  +   2620d ago
and when they recovered the stolen xbox guess what game was in it ...
video games do kill people ...

good job rockstar keep up the good work ....
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2620d ago
No extra life in reality.
PainisCupcake  +   2620d ago
Your all bloody gun nuts.... lol
BX81  +   2620d ago
Choosing a specific body part to shoot is actually harder than it sounds especially if the target is moving and has a weapon. A knife gives you more time to think but a gun can kill or seriously injure from a distance. A chest shot will not always kill an individual, but it will put that person down. Some cops do use less than lethal rounds but when you go to make an arrest on someone who's committed armed robbery would you use non lethal if he has lethal? No, it doesn't make sense. As for killing America's youth. I don't think these cops showed up with the intentions of doing that, does it happen sure because even cops are subject to feelings. The point is this specific young man committed armed robbery and then faced with his arrest again showed the intent to commit serious bodily harm and the intent to kill.
BX81  +   2620d ago
Keep in mind
Keep in mind that none of us know what really happened out there but who was there but I'm just basing it off of the story. Personally I was a Military Police Officer for 6years Active duty Army. I've been in situations where I needed to draw my weapon but never had to use it. In Iraq was different. Your in a combat environment. It's pretty hard to hit and arm or leg on a moving target when they have a weapon pointed at you. We train to shoot center mass as MP's to neutralize the target the quickest and defuse the situation. Police officers conduct several live fire ranges with their assigned weapons but it does not guarantee that they will be experts with it. My personal views are I hate police. I actually did it to get out of Chicago and duck a few charges.
Enigma_2099  +   2620d ago
I don't blame the cop OR the 360...
... he pulled a gun on the officer... what was he supposed to do, but on a blindfold and smoke a cigarette?!?!?!?
aesmith1988  +   2620d ago
He wont do it again lol
pixelsword  +   2620d ago
1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities...
...for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you.

4For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.

6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing.

7Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

One thing must be said is that you can't expect an armed-robbery to end well. You can't give some people an excuse to do things like that to you... especially if some of the people (cops or crooks) are itching to do it anyways.

I don't believe it was a color thing myself, but given the fact that certain colors may have been on one side of the situation and the other, that may have cause one or both sides to "jump the gun", no pun intended.

That being said, I lived in the southwest, and I plan to return, but I don't believe those cops at all.

...first of all if the kid was armed, if I'm not mistaken, you're supposed to call in for back-up. Coming in in large numbers and a soft voice of persuasion deters a person from shooting IF a gun was drawn at all. You'd think that since the kid committed an ARMED robbery the cop would've known that. A one-on-one isn't an arrest; is called a showdown. It's funny how a gillion cop-cars follow a famous person because if they're "armed" they won't get hurt, but some "young punk" isn't worth the call.

Second of all, where was his partner?

Thirdly, I had guns pulled on me by cops when I lived in the Southwest sitting at a bus stop because I "match the description"...

Yeah, right: here's how dumb the situation got:

Just before they approached, they told me to freeze (er, I was sitting) and that the corner store just got robbed and that I "matched the description" of the robber (really? What are the odds that two people will have Seattle Supersonic Jackets in the hot-as-all-get-out Southwest? With more books than I could carry too?) Seeing how a brilliant plan like taking the bus across the street from a place you just robbed would put me at odds, I agreed to their on the spot line-up... well, that and the view of two handgun barrels at me sealed the deal. Anyways, they had the girl do a drive-by with their lights on so that I couldn't see her (also brilliant, because after they left, I merely could've walked across the street and kicked her in the butt). So after I was told that I wasn't the robber, they left (good thing, too; because I was kinda worried that I robbed a store with college books and a T-Square).

The funniest thing is that's ten to fifteen minutes they gave to the robber to escape.

Gotta love that... :/
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pshizle  +   2620d ago
because he was black?
Enigma_2099  +   2616d ago
Shut up... shut up right now...
... before anything else stupid comes out of your mouth, and you start a flame war...
Petraeus  +   2620d ago
Harrypothead you need to grow up. Even better you need to be a cop so you can see just what it's like.

Those cops have families and want to live. You pull a gun and they aren't going to "wing" you so that you can shoot them anyway...they are going to put you down. Period.

Quit with the race typical.
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