Resident Evil 5: 360 Demo Impressions From a R.E. Virgin


"First off I'm not a fan of the Resident Evil games, having never played any of them apart from what I've been told was a crappy port of Resident Evil 4 on the PC. I know, it's a shock, but there you go: I'm a Resident Evil virgin.

You know what?

From what I have played so far I am loving it. Whether it's the fear of enemies running at me with axes and knives or the rewarding team work that you do with your partner, everything about RE 5 just works."

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gaminoz3631d ago

I loved RE4 and got it for GCN, PS2, and Wii. I wanted all the storylines and all the gameplay they could throw at me. I bought all the old ones for GCN again too.

I really hope RE5 is that exciting again, even though it is a new generation!

So far it looks like it!

MAR-TYR-DOM3631d ago

i could say the same, i dont know, but something is just different about this game then the previous. One thing that bothers me is the transition from game play to cutscene, i dont digg that too much it doesnt flow smoothly. Also some of the weapons feel underpowered

LeonSKennedy4Life3631d ago

Got GC version, PS2 version, Greatest Hits PS2, Special Edition PS2, Wii version, a GC chainsaw controller, a PS2 chainsaw controller, and PC version(Actually a good port, if you use a controller...mouse doesn't work on it. It definitely has much better graphics also, and the mod support is CRAZY!)

I LOVE THAT GAME! I've gotten through it using only 4 bullets, a necessary rocket launcher on the last boss, and my knife.

Danja3631d ago

Bought RE:4 for the PS2/Wii , it was just that good..

RE:5 is looking to continue what the had started with RE:4...can't play this

Bonsai12143631d ago

having watched RE: Degeneration, i'm excited for a followup. since the new pharmaceutical company is supposed to feature in RE5. hopefully the psn demo will be up when i get home for winter break.

CloudsEnd3630d ago

Hell yes i watched Resident Evil: Degeneration just a few mins ago, it was awesome!

@RE Virgin..

Well you if you started with RE5, you will never know how RE is supposed to be.
Scary, since 4 its not scary anymore, its just a shooter...
But a damn good shooter. :D

MasterChief36243630d ago

I only have Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. I traded in the GameCube one a few weeks after it came out, because I decided it just wasn't the game for me.

And then some three years down the road, I liked it again... And this is when I decided to pick it up on the Wii, since I heard that was the most fleshed-out and feature-filled version of the billion ports that had come out since.

But hearing about you guys getting it on the PS2, GameCube, AND PC?... Man, it just makes me feel like a big fat douche :P

HateFanboys3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Well maybe i should rephrase that. Its not that i didnt like it, but i really dont like how you cant move when you're aiming. I really dont like that at all! I know its a RE thing, but i just feel like there is no reason for it anymore. They need to let you move while your aiming. I also dont like how you use the "A" button to run. I would prefer the right bumper, that way i could use the right stick to look around as im running (and yes i know that you cant use the right stick to look around while running, but what im saying is that i would like that). These legacy controls from the old RE's really have to go now. And the graphics while good, i feel that some of the textures arent that good in comparison to some of the other textures in the game (some are really flat and low res and low in detail). And man did i like RE4 on the Gamcube, it was such a good game (sh!t one of the best games ever!) but now the inability to move while you're aiming is just hindering it to much for me. Sorry, dont hate me for it. I still think its a good game, but might not be for me anymore

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RocknRolla3631d ago

Apart from the clunky movement which does get frustrating after a while the enemies runnign at you in the small alleys and inside buildings creates great tension and claustrophobia..

You have limited amount of space to work with and ammo is scarce pure fun and an enjoyable gaming experience.

Do try out co-op online with a friend as swapping ammo, guns and health does create a rewarding co-op experience.

XboxOZ3603631d ago

How about those who simply want to run the game on SP mode,not Co-Op . . . . wouldn't this hurt the gameplay ??

XboxOZ3603631d ago

I too was a bit mehh about the game to start with, but now, reading this, and hopefully giving the demo a play this afternoon (yes, it's Sunday afternoon here in Aust) I think this game will end up on my ever growing "must-have-game-list" ; which in todays world, just never seems to stop growing.

ANY gamer who complains about not having enough games to play, or not having a decent choice is basically very one-eyed or down t=right spoilt. We've never had a better time in gaming than we all have right now, and it's only getting better, not worse.

So stop complaining, and start gaming - - hey, that rhymes - cool.

GrathiusXR3631d ago

I love the tight claustrophobic alley ways having to scurry away jumping through windows to gain a few seconds to just reload your weapon or change weapon and such...

Yeah the movement is a bit clunky and like i said in time of need you will never always remember to aim and then reload as the enemies are in good numbers every encounter so you will NEED to run and gain a few extra seconds to pull of reload and such.

RocknRolla3631d ago

Not at all mate if you play the game purely on SP the A.I ally is more than capable of holding her own against the enemies, healing you and also picking up ammo and items for use..

The onyl down side is that you cannot actually speak and plan traps and such for enemies, and you cannot organize how to tackle each area..

But overall the A.I of your ally is top notch and much more involving than Army of Two and so forth for that matter.

XboxOZ3603631d ago

ahh , thanks mate .I do prefer my SP experience in games .. I suppose I grew up playing games by myself, and it has sort of rubbed off. Whereas many younger gamers don't even like the SP side of games and only live for the online side with screaming players from the other side of the globe

Which to tell you the truth, I can do with out as it spoils the game imo.

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