Supercomputer is brought a step closer to your desk top

The world's first personal supercomputer - a machine 250 times faster than the average PC – was unveiled yesterday. It will go on sale for more than £4,000, beyond the reach of most consumers but a tiny fraction of what computers with similar capabilities usually cost.

The Tesla supercomputers have such immense power they should be able to help doctors to process the results for brain and body scans much more quickly, allowing them to tell patients within hours instead of days whether they have a tumour.

Scientists believe that they could help to find cures for diseases such as cancer and malaria faster than traditional research, because they can run hundreds of thousands of simulations to create a shortlist of the drugs that are most likely to offer the potential for a cure.

David Kirk, chief scientist at NVIDIA, the American company that has designed the new technology, said: "Pretty much anything that you do on your PC that takes a lot of time can be accelerated with this."

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ProblemSolver3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Since a couple of years Nvidia tries to spread its GPU architecture into the
HPC (High Performance Computing) market with its Tesla system. Despite
very useful for a lot of application, performance wise, the HPC field suffers
not from a lack of raw computing power but from a lack of power efficient
systems. And this is the Achilles' heel of all the Nvidia products.

"The New Enterprise Data Center
... According to technology analyst firm Gartner, more than 70 percent of
Global 1000 companies will need to dramatically change their data centers
in the next five years -- as they are running out of power and space, while
managing skyrocketing energy and cooling costs. ..." -- 15 MAY 2008 :

Comparing Nvidia's 'Tesla 1U Computing System' against IBMs (Cell-based)
BladeCenter QS22 reveals that the QS22 is twice as power efficient as the
Tesla system.

[System] : [GFLOPS (DP peak) / Watt]

Tesla : 0.43 (Specifications)

QS22 : 0.87
(page 3)

Power efficiency is the key factor in all of HPC these days. The Cell processor
was develop with this constrain in mind just right form the start. So it does
came as no surprise that a lot of Cell processors (PowerXCell 8i) were used
to assemble the world's first supercomputer breaking the 1 PetaFlop barrier.

In conclusion, the phrase; "The world's first personal supercomputer
- a machine 250 times faster than the average PC ..." isn't worth a thing
if you don't consider the GFLOPS / Watt metric. So watch out! :)

Teabag3631d ago

So how much do you reckon this would cost to run? Would love to bump up my [email protected] "high score" and maybe find a hyper advanced alien race into the bargain, but leaving on my PS3 for [email protected] already costs a fortune in electricity bills!

FantasyStar3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Who does [email protected] anymore? [email protected] is allz the RAGE!

But I kid. I bet a day with these machines would cost a small fortune in electricity. I would love to have one of these babies transcode some security feeds for me on-the-fly, so that I don't have to spend time archiving it myself. I can automate the whole process!!!

*and then the supercomputer became self-aware".

Teabag3631d ago

Gotta find the aliens! Only they can give us the cure for cancer, and then eat our hamsters, turn us into food, steal our water and give our women alien babies...on second thoughts, I'm switching to [email protected]

OrganicMachine3631d ago

but can it run crysis at a locked framerate 60fp/s?


reminds me of "will it blend?"


Microsoft Xbox 3603631d ago

This is old news for some gamers. They have this little supercomputer called the Playstation 3.

wibble3631d ago

Call me cynical, but isn't it just your typical PC with a bunch of Nvidia's graphics cards running in SLI?.

To get anything out of it you would probably need to run CUDA based applications. Maybe NVidia could persuade a few developers to port their games over to it.

Still, it all smells like marketing to me.