RealGamer: Monopoly Review

RealGamer writes: "Monopoly is the classic property trading board game, usually it comes out of the cupboard at Christmas, Easter or summer holidays when you have family, friends or the kids are off school. It's a simple game to play and relies mainly upon luck! But it's still great when you bankrupt poor old granddad and your mother is rotting in jail. But how well does all this transfer over into a computer version...well generally pretty well actually.

There are two main modes of play, the classic Monopoly mode, where the game is exactly like the popular board game, or the new richest mode. The Monopoly mode is just as expected; you can play with up to 4 players, with the computer making up the full quota of players if you don't have enough friends. You can customise the rules to your liking, including the amount of cash you start the game with and the amount you must pay to bail yourself out of jail. The game then practically plays itself, with you just having to decide if you want to buy a property when you land on it. At the end of your turn you are given the chance to go to the accounts menu where you can buy houses or hotels if you have a complete set or put forward trade offers to the other players."

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