Gaming Target: Holiday Buyer's Guide 2008 for PSP

Patapon (PSP Exclusive)
Patapon is like LocoRoco, which is Sony of Japan's other fun-loving PSP game, in that it's simple looking, but highly addictive. It also has another similarity in that it doesn't get enough praise. The game puts you in charge of a tiny army of silhouetted creatures which you command by tapping various rhythms on the four face buttons. For example, to move forward you have to drum Circle-Circle-Circle-Square in time with the constant metronome in the background. Your tribe of warriors sings the drumbeat as they move forward and you tap it again to keep advancing them. When they meet an enemy, you switch to a different rhythms for attack and shield, all while keeping in time and remembering which drum beat performs each action. If you break the beat, your fever pitch resets to zero and it's much more difficult. Patapon's gameplay will catch your attention with its intriguing concept and keep you addicted long through the holiday season.

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