Real Gamer: Wii Music Review

Real Gamer writes: "The first thing to declare is that Wii Music is nothing like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and at no point does it ever try to emulate these rhythm based giants. It is, in fact, much more like a simplified music simulator with a box full of different instruments to play and experiment with.

The basic idea is that you choose the song you would like to perform, there are over 50 to choose from ranging from classical (Ode To Joy, Bridal March) to Pop (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Jingle Bell Rock) and even some classic Nintendo game music (Legend of Zelda Theme and Super Mario Bros. Theme). And a range of settings for your band to play in, ranging from concert stages to outer space! And then choose which instruments you want to play that tune with; there is usually 2 percussion parts, one bass part, one chord part, one harmony part and finally a lead melody part, but you don't have to stick to these you can have no percussion if you so wish. The instruments on offer range from the common drum kits, trumpets, and so on, up to the more acquired taste of the bagpipes or jaw harp!"

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