IBM Launches Microsoft-Free Linux PCs

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has introduced a line of business computers that eschew Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT)'s ubiquitous desktop environment in favor of an amalgam of open source software.

The system, which IBM calls the Open Collaboration Client, combines the Linux operating system with IBM's open source Lotus Symphony desktop package.

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Lord Anubis3634d ago

we love you IBM. Please save us.

Genesis53634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Really. It would nice to have a choice on an OS for home PC's. Remember competition is a good thing. Monopoly is a bad thing. Unless you're talking about the board game. MS has stymied competitors for to long. They are going to have to start sharing the PC market. This can only be good for consumers.

lokiroo4203634d ago

About freaking time, thank god.

lordgodalming3634d ago

This would be an especially good idea for public schools. I tried year after year at the school where I taught to get them to use open source programs, specifically Linux and Open Office. An unbelievable amount of the school's computer budget went to obtaining licenses for Windows 98 (this was in the mid 2000's), and we didn't use even a tenth of what Windows could do for a network. Instead they used a combination of MS and Apple OS because they didn't want to have to train the teachers on a new system. Bullhonk, I say. They taught us a new grading software every year.

Anyway, good move by this company. I hope it works out for them.

BattleAxe3634d ago

Hopefully Sony, Dell and Gateway start doing the same thing.

elorm93634d ago

Uh... Duh?

I mean really... their names stands for International Business MACHINES

jack who3634d ago

has in business servers...not home or office pc's

Graphics Whore3634d ago

Jack, alot tells me you're really uninformed.

jack who3634d ago

than sumone plz show me an ibm home pc that isnt from the 80s

Lord Anubis3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

IBM sold their PCs assets to Lenovo. THeir latest IBM PCS/laptops were the Thinkpad series. THey currently make hardware and pcs under contracts and for business. This is how microsoft started making software for business and going down to consumers. IBM could save us.

jack who3634d ago

thank you Lord Anubis

as for the thinkpad still look lik sumthing from the 80s lol

elorm93634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Quite funny seeing how I'm currently using a Lenovo Y510 :)

I might put linux on this thing though. Really hate Vista

uie4rhig3634d ago

IBM specialises more in servers and all.. but also does home pc's :P

tk3634d ago

The original PC that the whole market is build on is from IBM. Back then the IBM version of MS-DOS was PC-DOS. Of course they build PC's. They started the market. OK - so they sold to Lenovo... but they still defined this market segment.

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dadeisvenm3634d ago

Dell has been doing it for years and you can now get ubuntu or freedos on your ordered PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.