Brown urged to keep hacker in UK

Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, faces up to 70 years in prison if found guilty in the US of breaking into military computers.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3658d ago

I bet he didn't even find what he was looking for.

kalel3333658d ago

Yeah i felt the need to post this because I really find this extremely stupid and harsh for something like this. I mean sure he went into government computers but he didn't go in with the intention to do harm ! 70 years for one guy being too curious... And +, the government should not have anything to hide, it's OUR government ( if you like in a free society and vote for your president...). I read this, this morning and really felt angered !

Heldrasil3657d ago

Your logice makes little sense. Government agencies have millions of documents and files that are supposed to remain private for reasons of national security, it's the same way in every country.

shadowghost7523657d ago

For what? Proving that the US government isn't as untouchable as it thinks
The usa governmentis being excessive here and are only doing this because there were shown up big time

William Birkin3657d ago

Probably, but breaking into anything that's owned by any government is illegal.

kalel3333657d ago

In my opinion it shouldn't be , it's our government , shouldn't we able to look at what they are doing anytime we please ?

Software_Lover3657d ago

Do the crime do the time. An illness is no excuse. he knew what he was doing was wrong. And yes, it should be illegal to break into government computers, just as it is illegal to hack into citizens computers. Saying that it shouldn't be is crazy.

Jacobite3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

70 years over harsh indeed for US Goverment poor security ,I would,nt hand him over,I give him 2 years and a Job in MI5 .Just think you can be a USAF pilot in Iraq murder British Soldiers in friendly fire incident in clear marked armored Vehicles and daylight and get away with it