Killzone 2: 12 New High Resolution Screenshots

"We also have 12 all-new high resolution screenshots from Killzone 2 straight from Sony which you can look at below. Feel free to drool, and don't forget to put a big huge mark on your calendar for February 27, 2009. "

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jmcorp3662d ago

KZ2s' textures are too blurry

and low-res

(generic FPS)

YoMeViet3662d ago

*joins in the slapfest*

ThatCanadianGuy3662d ago

*Steals his wallet while he's getting slapped*

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Why o why3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

*then fondles his misses*

edit, ha menagatoi

ultimolu3662d ago

*joins in as well*

You must be kidding me.

PLASTICA-MAN3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Break his neck and extract and burn his cancerous brain!



I couldn't join the dc universe in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (You know plastic-man belongs to the dc universe) so I brought the kombat here!lol

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Carbide73662d ago

To be honest I don't see any sort of 'true' lighting in gears 2, it all seems so plasticy and fake, but the textures are impressive, yes, but I just don't think that the game looks that good

Killzone 2 = WIN

JokesOnYou3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You do have a point, I still can't see where KZ2 surpasses games like COD4 and Gears in graphics, some of the shots show awesome lighting but it seems like some of the earlier pre-pre-Alpha (ha ha I still laugh when I hear that term)screenshots had more detail, what happened?...I do agree with jmcorp that the texture work is probably biggest weakness for KZ2....ooops ahwww damm I know I'm going to get alot of hate mail from sony folks maybe lose a few bubbles but its true go back and look at some of the earlier KZ2 screenshots and also its easy to compare these current pics with Gears2 the end KZ2 still looks great, however I think Gears2 and COD4 looks a hair better, although again some of the lighting shots are really cool.


Gue13662d ago

I kinda agree with the troll... There are some textures here and there that look flat like on this one -look at his shoes but that's just nitpicking. As an overall the game looks gorgeous.


To all the haters complaining about textures:
The list sill goes on
also in the hd videos when they first unveil the mini boss with submachine gun, the floor shows the most advanced glowing bump-mapped textures You've ever seen. You can check

jwatt3662d ago

I played Both COD4 and GEARS 2 and those games looks gorgeous but forget about textures, forget about lighting, and forget about screenshots! When it comes down to it there is no game that looks better than Killzone2.

kevin11123662d ago

i dont get it, this game clearly blows everything else out of the water and yet you all stick try to knock it down. I can understand trying to knock it on gameplay since we havent played it yet, but come on. The graphics will only improve on this so you all are just fooling yourselves.

Gue13662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

If you think that well in my opinion I think you need glasses and you need to compare a couple of HD videos from the games. Killzone2 has amazing textures, animations, lightning effects and it generates an incredible amount of action on screen at a locked 30fps.

BTW for those that are disagreeing with my previous comment I should ask why?
I Just pointed that out and even showed the pic where you can see the flat texture I'm talking about. Is not like I'm saying that every texture looks bad just a couple of them but considering the games still has a couple of months for release there still time to polish it even more and fix this little details. Even with a crappy textures here and there the game still looks gorgeous and I already consider it the best looking game to date (on consoles).

You guys are crazy or just don't know how to interpret what you read, I don't know... I'm starting to understand why everybody says that PS3 fanboys are the worst... They really are the worst but only the ones from this site. edit: If you don't just praise the game you get a bunch of disagrees and lose your bubbles.

The bubble system clearly doesn't works for this site. A system like this would never work in a site that is as filled of fanboys and stupidity as N4G.

Zool 083662d ago

I've checked very carefully on both Gears2 and KZ2, KZ2 wins by a country mile, sorry guys you both FAILED!

thewhoopimen3662d ago

Please keep in mind that these are a combination of single player and multiplayer texture shots.

Let's use our brains when we start bagging on KZ2 using a 500mb multiplayer screenshot as an example. Please... I see too many ignorant posts to make a discussion even worthwhile.

There is Single player preview code shots and there is Multiplayer Beta code shots. You can tell the difference so... fans of the opposing console please use discriminate examples instead of playing stupid.

candystop3662d ago

I'm all for 360 and can't stand anything PS3 but honestly see this as the best looking shooter ever. 360 might have an answer for it later but for now we need to all just suck it up and give props were it's due. The game is looking freaking incredible and as gamers we should be happy to see this type of advancement over last gen. I hope other developers take note because GG has done an amazing job. 2009 might be full of surprises but seriously we need to quit hating on this game and leave the hating for the usual suspects.

tk3662d ago

Wanted to slap him as well but the line is too long now. Comment again. I want to slap you too...

JokesOnYou3661d ago

Hmmm it seems my comment yeterday got a lot of disagree' expected, anyway I tthink the pics speak for themselves so I stand behind my statement, reminds me of MGS4 first ingame screenshots you know the ones where the nanosuit and snakes hair were super detail then a month or 2 before release the graphics while still looked great had definitely been sony loyalists call others blind if they don't believe K2 is the best graphics on a console...hey just look at these *New pics....and for those who say I shouldn't judge the game graphics based on these....every other game is subject to similiar comparisons.....Well the atrticle states very clearly these are "12 *New High Resolution Screenshots from Killzone 2 straight from *Sony" = why should I not believe these shots ARE meant to show off K2's graphics.


Why o why3661d ago

whasup. Textures or whatnot can be improved. The full game is yet to come out. I remember the first shots i saw of the barbed wire coils a few months back and they sucked but little by little they polished so ill wait until the full game is released personally. Ill decide if its the best console game ever in Feb.

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jmcorp3662d ago

Gears 2 >>> Killzone 2

NegativeCreep4273662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Average New York Crackhead's brain >>> You're delusional, bullsh*t-fed brain.

Microsoft Xbox 3603662d ago

At least you got the acronym correct. Remember kids the real GoW is God of War.

ppthedipshit3662d ago

I think every Xfag just commited suicide after the pure awesomness of Killzone 2.

Also while pp, jmcorp, Jack Who, Grimlock, Sony Defence Farce, SONYSLAVE and Patchstation 3 take turns fuking Cliffy B up the arse we Sony boys and girls won't be mourning the day when the eXbox RIP in February.

Gue13662d ago

With that name you're only recognizing his importance... I would feel flattered if somebody makes an account with the purpose of simply insult me, that means my opinion is really important to him.

MGRogue20173662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

It still looks remarkable as always.. Release the damn thing already!!

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