Tech2: BenQ Joybook R45 Review

Tech2 writes: "BenQ in India is a name that one normally associates with LCD panels and peripherals such as ODDs. Their presence in the laptop market, a very lucrative segment, in India is fairly limited with just the occasional 'Joybook' showing up in the public eye. One such laptop, the R45 was introduced earlier this year and is the product we are reviewing today.

At first glance it seems that BenQ has oddly borrowed style elements from its fierce rival Asus, when it comes to the styling of the R45. For starters like the Asus leather-bound series of laptops, it sports a leather–covered lid which makes the laptop look "pseudo-fashionable". However unlike the ASUS products, the lid is the only place where the leather finishing is present. While this is a good touch it does kind of look odd, because the rest of the laptop's styling is extremely generic, i.e. a dark silver matte finish for the keyboard and the standard black matte finish for the rest of the surface area of the laptop."

+Great LCD Panel
+Well Designed Keyboard and Mouse

-Squeaky Hinges
-Sub-standard Performance

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