NextGen Player Exclusive: 8 Minutes of WET Gameplay

NextGen Player writes:

"While the publishing fate of WET (360/PS3) remains in limbo, developer A2M from Montreal is still proceeding with their hot gun-totting action game WET.

A2M Senior Artistic Technical Director, David Lightbown, presented an exclusive 8 minute video of WET gameplay at MIGS 2008 and NextGen Player was given special permission to record the clip.

After watching the video I think you'll agree with me that Activision made a poor choice dropping this game. This game looks hot."

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Cwalat3632d ago

looks kinda good.. it's not a finished product..
but overall.. yeah..

the gaming business could need a female "stranglehold" type of game...

MK_Red3632d ago

Would you rather look at Chow Yun Fat in slow mo or a sexy lady? Plus, it looks more fun than Stranglehold. It has more like Tomb Raider meets Max Payne with near infinite Bullet-time. Seriously, I hated it how in Stranglehold the slo-mo bar would depleteso fast.

thewhoopimen3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Where's the challenge though if the bullet-time doesn't deplete MK? I would think that the game would lose its fun, if it played like you were in god mode all the time. but I'm not you so maybe you can elaborate a bit :)

Ju3632d ago

A so much more improved "Lara" gets ruined by Stranglehold...

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poopsack3632d ago

another stranglehold/matrix?

LokMessier3632d ago

not to sure what to say, looks okay, but I don't think it will really kept me as interested.

Why is it titled WET >_>...?

N4M3L3553632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Wet, as in wet work, or killing people/assassination.

LokMessier3632d ago

For some reason the name just doesn't seem to flow with what the gameplay should, though being that I don't know the story it probably isn't helpful either.

smurfie43632d ago

So this is max payne with breasts? I think I'll pass.

RememberThe3573632d ago

The animations are stiff, like a PS game. I think it would make a huge difference if they made the animations more fluid.

gameforall3632d ago

I agree, the animation makes it look like a "Last Gen" game

drumega3632d ago

...of dual gun totting action games. I'm looking forward to seeing when a publisher picks this up and puts it out. Looks like a cool game.

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The story is too old to be commented.