SBG: Warriors Orochi 2 review


Each officer in Warriors Orochi 2 has 4 available base weapons. The first 3 weapons are collected by killing enemy officers. Officers will randomly drop weapons as they are killed. The weapons will contain random attributes that enhance the weapons abilities. Weapons can also be upgraded or fused. Upgrading requires the collection of treasure and adds minor enhancements to your weapon. Fusion allows you to spend Growth Points to merge features from 2 weapons into a single weapon that is more powerful. The 4th weapon for each officer is only earned by triggering a certain set of circumstances in a particular scenario. These final weapons are usually incredibly powerful and are worth the effort to unlock them.

Despite my love for the Warriors series, Warriors Orochi 2 is basically the same game that came before it with a few more bells and whistles. Its groundbreaking gameplay is no longer cutting edge and is becoming quite stale. KOEI needs to begin finding new ways to change the franchise up or risk driving away all but the most hardcore fans of the Warriors series."

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