Want a Chip Implant For Gaming? Sega's Yu Suzuki Thinks You Might

Popular game site Kotaku is putting together a book called Arcade Mania. Their research put them in the path of Yu Suzuki, the Sega developer resonsible for popular titles like Hang-On and Virtua Cop. His games often re-invented arcade cabinets, immersing the players into his worlds in ways console games could never achieve...but players might not be so eager to adopt his latest idea, which involves a chip being implanted into the brain. Ouch!

From Kotaku:

"In Medicine, you have artificial heart devices, or people that have some sort of chips in their bodies, to be able to keep track of vital signs. So, it doesn't have to be a scary thing, but you could put a sensor here (points to his arm). You know, a bit like in The Matrix.

"It's not really something only in the future, some people already have them, chips in their bodies. If for some that would be a bit too scary, then you could also do something more simple, like using wristbands or a pendant. So using devices like these for sensing would be good I think. I think that for arcades games I want something that's a bit futuristic."

In Kotaku's upcoming book, Suzuki also talks about controlling arcade games through cellphones. Should be an interesting read with so many unique ideas from Suzuki alone.

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MizzRock3630d ago

I'm not scared but am a little weary of having some plastic in my arm.