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4 Wii Accessories you NEED to own

Obsessable.com takes us through a list of accessories that you NEED to ask for this Christmas (Wii)

LokMessier  +   2455d ago
I don't three out of the four of these need to be owned...Regular keyboards [USB] work just fine. Already given a sensor bar, I mean if you want wireless that's fine, but if the wired one works what's the need except for maybe as backup? Charger station? I just get my rechargeable batteries, since it came in a pack of four, when my two die my other two are already ready to go, and I just start charging the two batteries that are dead.

Only thing I see that I might get personally is that classic controller, but it looks a bit uncomfortable :S.
doctorparadox  +   2455d ago
keeping the home theater tidy
Well, if you live with anyone else who insists on a nice and tidy home theater setup and/or if you're one of those people yourself driven nuts by the tangle of cables running every which way in your living room, the wireless bar is great. I'm not even one of those people but i still get a bit annoyed by the little wire running in front of my other components that is occasionally distracting.

For the charging thing, again that's both keeping things tidy (a place to store your Wiimotes that also charges them? super!) and saving yourself the time hunting down fresh batteries or finding out you used the rechargeables in something else in the meantime etc etc. One of those little niceties that isn't huge but makes life a little easier. That's a win in my book.
LokMessier  +   2455d ago
I suppose I can see it that way, but my cord runs behind the TV so not much of a problem and my room is a disaster zone to begin with. I don't know to me it just seems those things aren't necessary, except for the classic controller.

Also to further comment on that cord, I agree to an extent it gets me sometimes and whenever I'm able to see it [ which is usually on the side of the TV, my eyes are drawn to it.] other than that, not much, though if it somehow manages to swing it's way in front of my TV whilst playing a game then we have a problem :p.
AuToFiRE  +   2455d ago
That is if you NEED to own the Wii
Product  +   2455d ago
Above me.
hahahahaaha .
militant07  +   2455d ago
Eiffel  +   2455d ago
Wii owners NEED to own a better console.
FantasyStar  +   2455d ago
Open Zone----------->
I probably hate the Wii more than you(being a former owner), but please keep those comments out of the Gamer Zone.
Eiffel  +   2455d ago
I was not being a fanboy..I don't consider the wii a console, more a novelty
Mr.Mister  +   2455d ago
you NEED to own a brain cause.... its is a console and 2009 seems more promising actully
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spooky205  +   2455d ago
i just came to a sad realization. i spent more money on accessories for my wii (which has been collecting dust) such as extra and classic controllers since i stopped playing smash bros a year ago) when i could have bought more ps3 or 360 games.
thebudgetgamer  +   2455d ago
people always complain about Microsoft bilking its customers but Nintendo is doing it just as bad if not worse how many add-ons does the wii have?

w3ace  +   2455d ago
How about WOW on a WII ?
I think it could real cool to play World of Warcraft with nunchucks, until then I'll stick to computer based games.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2455d ago
How 'bout Wii owners buy more games?

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

All great games...and haven't sold well.
LokMessier  +   2455d ago
Can't forget No more heroes, from what I've been told it hasn't sold that well either.
ChickeyCantor  +   2455d ago
NMH was his best selling game so far!
LokMessier  +   2455d ago
It was?
People kept telling me that it was under what it should have sold :/ my mistake.
ChickeyCantor  +   2455d ago
in numbers it was a failure.
But to them it was his best selling game so far.

They even had a party for that xD
LokMessier  +   2454d ago
o_o...-.- a party?!
Shnazzyone  +   2455d ago
you knoiw you can wire up two evenly spaced christmas lights and have a far cheaper wireless soultion to the sensor bar. i expected wii motion plus, wiispeak, the balance board and the nyko charger
Product  +   2455d ago
best part(and most misleading) are the pictures they post of these articles in N4G.
I have never(besides wiisports)been up and waving my arms around like alll the pics they always have for wii gamers.
I lay relaxed on my couch while i play,which for some odd reason 90% of people on this site cant figure out to do
"I hate how you waggle the remote,its so uncomfortable,Fail!,dualshock ftw! yay)<-----pfff
f789790  +   2454d ago
I hate wireless accessories (except for wireless controller)
Everything else needs their batteries replaced which drives me crazy. I also had two batteries in my mouse explode and acid sizzled everywhere inside. I use a corded one now.

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