Motorola's credit reduced to junk status

Motorola's long-term corporate credit rating was lowered to junk status by Standard & Poor's on Friday as the company continues to suffer from declining mobile handset sales.

The company's rating fell two levels, making it just one notch below investment grade, according to S&P. Moody's Investors Service said earlier this week that it may downgrade Motorola's debt to a level that is just two levels above non-investment grade.

These rating services are downgrading Motorola's credit and debt because the company's mobile handset business has been in serious trouble for more than two years.

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gw4k3633d ago

Motorola has been falling behind for years. They haven't introduced a quality phone in some time. If anyone has used the Moto q9 you would see why their sells have dropped and they credit is crap.

Motorola used to be at the forefront of technology in the cell phone world, not anymore.

Until they change their direction, expect more bad news and bad products. Stay clear!