The Bitbag Review: Street Fighter 2 HD Remix

The Bitbag has a video review of Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.

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Gue13633d ago

Wow, that's not fair! The X360 version has LeaderBoards and achievements and the PS3 version not!

And why he says that the animations are better when they are the same as the old versions? This part of the game wasn't touched and it was confirmed by Capcom since the start.

ErcsYou3633d ago

That has got to be the worst Video Review i have ever seen.. Not only does the author say ummm and uhhhh over and over and over, but he obviously knows jack sh!t about street fighter.. A step back from Street Fighter 3? No Sh!t Sherlock! It's Super Street Fighter "2" turbo>>>( didn't you notice the 2 ? ).. I won't even go into the whole "remix issue" with you because i don't have the time to write an essay..