HCG: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

There is also clan support which allows you to recruit and fire players in your clan and of course play clan matches. Socom Confrontation is an exciting and addicting experience. It certainly is a reason for gamers to buy or keep their PS3's. There is a good amount of lifelike military violence and a very slight amount of language.

This game is fantastic and is highly recommended for any PS3 owner looking for a good game for their Playstation 3.

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Teabag3633d ago

...they just don't provide any kind of detailed analysis when they review games.

BTW how stable is SOCOM now?

Nuclearwinter3633d ago

I've been playing it a lot lately and haven't had any problems with it. Out of the past 12 or so hours of playtime I've only been disconnected once. Much better than launch.

Blademask3633d ago

1. No Trophies
2. Cant just join buddies by seeing their name/join.
3. Still has bad popin
4. Laggy servers, but this is hit or miss.

Overall, the game is definitely fun. But Slant6 released an unfinished product, but how leineant should we be since it is just an ONLINE constantly updated PSN title versus a retail BR game?

Thats what I have to ask. and if we do look at it as say, a Warhawk.. then Socom is definitely up there. Just needs these bugs taken care of, S6 is aware and working on it. So this game will just get better and better.