Honest Gamers Review: Shaun White Snowboarding

Honest Gamers: "Shaun White Snowboarding is a game about coin collecting. The snowboarding, it sometimes feels, is only a sidequest that takes a back seat to makin' money. Of course, to get those precious coins needed for advancing the plot (yes, there is a bit of a story), you'll have to scour the mountains with a snowboard strapped to your character's feet. Yes, I suppose this really is a snowboarding game even during the silly scavenger hunts you're encouraged to undertake, but did so much of the game have to revolve around inane coin collecting? It's not like there aren't more than enough opportunities to make money by performing in events and competitions. Who wants coins when there is cash to be had?

The game centers on professional snowboarder Shaun White and his fresh protégé (that's you). He'll teach you new abilities that are useful for mastering the mountains you'll be shredding, and you'll even get to perform a few stunts as the masterful boarder himself. Though he looks like Carrot Top's lost twin brother, Shaun White performs the toughest tricks with the utmost ease. You, on the other hand, will begin your career as a so-so boarder. Win events to make some cold hard cash. Buy new clothes and gear for added success. Collect coins. Learn new abilities from Shaun White. Become the master of your domain. I've basically described the entirety of the game's single player mode."

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