God of War III Gameplay Trailer Confirmed for VGA 08

Gaming Front: "Gamers were astounded when it was announced that God of War III would make an appearance at this year's VGA. However, the excitement were short live when gamers around the world were unsure whether the trailer would comprise of CG or gameplay footage."

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Rick AstIey3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Got a boner already.


If u think killzone2 goods then u have not seen nothing yet.

Rick AstIey3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Oh you don't even have to remind me. Sony Santa Monica and Team ICO were able to push the PS2 to it's limits. I can't wait to see what they've been working on. David Jaffe saw the trailer and he ended up in a coma.

gaffyh3633d ago

VGA was crap last time I watched it, but this year it seems like it will be awesome. They already have confirmed Uncharted 2 and God Of War 3 trailers, anything else is a bonus.

The Killer3633d ago

and this is off topic:

does anyone knows the difference in "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3" and "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES"?? should i buy the first one then second or just enough to buy the second one? will i miss any thing if i just buy the second one?

thanks in advance and bubble for who answer me!

- Ghost of Sparta -3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

1. All you need to know is that God of War III is in good hands.
2. FES is vastly superior. Same game, same everything but FES is bundled with the official soundtrack, an artbook with commentary, and a new chapter that adds a bonus 50+ hours of story / gameplay.

blackpanther253633d ago

The expansion to the game, in addition to adding a great deal of content (both game play and storyline-related) to the main game, includes a continuation of the story entitled The Answer, totaling for an extra thirty hours of game time.[4] When starting a new game, the player is prompted to select The Journey (known as "Episode Yourself" in the Japanese version) or the aforementioned The Answer ("Episode Aegis" in the Japanese version). The Journey is the original game with added quests and events, whereas The Answer can be considered a sequel, featuring Aigis as the main character, and the complete ending. The core gameplay in the extra content is similar to the base Persona 3 game, though days do not pass normally, and the characters explore the Abyss of Time rather than Tartarus. FES also contains extra costumes and a new weapon synthesis system, twenty-three more Persona, and a "hard" difficulty setting (the original Persona 3 came available with only Easy and Normal modes).

Don't know if that helps. Usually with JRPG its best to get second one

So Easy I Can Do It3633d ago

"I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you."

!!!ooo come on!!!

MazzingerZ3632d ago

I would expect SONY to start using HOME to show this kind of stuff... just an event of this kind would show that HOME has a lot of potential and is here to stay: SONY's foundation for their online framework.

It's not the same releasing a trailer for download than showing it live in a plaza where the PS3 community has gathered just for that reason...that would show what 'community' really means in HOME

Dark General3632d ago

Recent rumors points to a environmental artist for the first two games taking over the lead directing role for GoW3. I hear they are definitely keeping it in house with people who worked on the previous titles.

stuntman_mike3632d ago

isnt bret ratner something to do with this game or am i thinking of the movie???

- Ghost of Sparta -3632d ago

@ stuntman_mike: Brett Ratner will direct the God of War movie, not the game.

@ MisfitSmurf: December 14th at 9 PM Eastern time (US)

pixelsword3632d ago

GoW I and II were some of the best looking, well played games on the PS2, and for a change the second game was better than the first one, a rarity in any genre, yet I'll reserve my excitement for the actual footage instead of word of mouth.

Everyone overhypes these days.

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LittleBigKillzone3633d ago

Honestly, how can MS compete with this?! what do they have for 2009 so far?! oh yea Halo wars and Halo 3 recon.. lol wow, looks like MS is adopting what i like to call "The Nintendo Doctrine" which basically means keep releasing rehashes and spin offs of your biggest franchise aslong as suckers keep buying them like Nintendo does with Mario and now what looks like MS is doing with Halo. shame

MS has one big problem, they put all their eggs in one basket. They are just so concerned with having only one or 2 franchises that sell millions as opposed to sony who release a lot of great quality titles from all types of genres that sell millions spread out over all of them. which is the smartest thing to do!

Oh and to you 360 fanboys that like to say "but but teh 360 keeps outselling PS3" you guys realize that Sony makes more profit from their gaming division then MS does right?! think about it, it only cost sony about $30.00 to make the PS2, PS2 is still selling 200,000 or more units a month at $130.00, with the PSP it probably only cost sony $70.00 to develop PSP while they are selling roughly 300,000 units a month at average of $179.99, not including blu ray royalties. You guys also realize that sony makes a boat load of money on all blu ray related sales also right?!

No wonder MS has to rip off its base by charging yearly for xbox live, they put all their eggs in one basket and they dont have any other sources to generate money from except from the 360 while Sony is making big bucks off PS2, PSP and Blu ray related sales.

Bottom line is this, 360 fans better start counting down the days until the Next xbox becasue no other console in the history of video games has lasted more than 5 years in terms of support and sales.. All the Nintendo consoles, Sega Consoles and the original Xbox only lasted on average 4 years before they where canned while Playstation consoles last a decade or more! MS cant keep lowering the price forver.

I know this was off topic but i had to get it off my chest lol, GOD OF WAR 3 FOR THE WIN!! God Of War 3 and Killzone 2 in the same year! PS3 is coming on strong!

Gambit073633d ago

$30 to make the PS2, $70 to make PSP, where did you get that?

WANNA GET HIGH3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I have see the game before(im under NDA).My friend works at a sony game studio in west london and he bought some gameplay footage to my house on a cd and showed me work in progess.All i can say is that it makes killzone2 look crap(im serious)that is why i said if u think killzone2 looks good then u have not seen nothing yet.

Bladestar3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

"how can MS compete with this?" mmm... geee... I don't know... how did Microsoft managed to compete against Metal Gear and Little Big Planet?

Are you saying that God of war is a bigger franchise than Metal Gear?

I do not doubt that God of war will sells lots of consoles and will sell very well... but Why do you guys have to go ahead of yourself and predict the death and destruction of xbox 360 and another , "wait until [enter here] comes out for the ps3" just to be massively disappoint it at the fact that the xbox 360 is still standing and selling very well.

"you guys realize that Sony makes more profit from their gaming division then MS does right?" haha! how convenient... we are talking about the xbox 360 and the PS3.... did you know that Microsoft make more money than Sony by selling Windows, Sql server, Office and other products?

Why would you mention products like the PSP and the PS2 when microsoft currently have no products that are competing against those 2? Should I mention the money microsoft makes selling Windows Mobile?

Focus kid.... PS3 vs XBox 360.

ohh if I were you I wouldn't mention Halo in your xbox 360 bashing... it makes you sound stupid... God of war never got close to sell as many units as any halo game ever had.

And it's funny you mention Halo 3 recon which is guarantee to once again sell a lot more copies than any game on the PS3 which includes God of war III which by the way... do not have a release date.. and just like Kill Zone 2... it can be a sony strategy to keep people buying PS3 and it can very well be release 4 years from now. When Halo 3 Recon already have a release date.

DarK-SilV3633d ago

WANNA GET HIGH are you serious? please tell me its true

blackpanther253633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

u get a bubble for that lol

He said gaming department not software or other stuff so you are vold (or atleast come up with something better).
Please any real Halo fan knows they messed up with halo 3 (i have 60 hardcore halo clan mates that have gone to competitions that say halo2 is better than 3). I have 3 copies of halo 2 and i didn't even own an xbox lol. You shouldn't talk about GOW its a hot game that microsoft tried to copy with ninja gaiden (and that game is still better on the ps3 lol).

"Why so Serious" Its pitiful when a person cannot see the merits and demerits of a product

DaTruth3633d ago

The first thing wrong with what you said was "you guys". It was only one guy and according to you and your fanboy friends PS3 should be dead already. Just cause you've gone from a position of offense to defense don't go pointing at every PS3 owner and everyone who comments on GOW3 and is happy.

Bladestar3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

@DaTruth - uhhh... no... Xbox 360 fans never say or predicted that the PS3 was going to die and Sony will have to pull the PS3 out of the market... we simply said (based on Sony's blu-ray crusade) that they will lose lots of market share and will probably will end up in 3rd... I think you are confusing us with yourselves... that are always predicting the death of the xbox 360 anytime any news is release about a PS3 game or feature is release.

You don't remember comments like,

"Wait until the PS3 come out..."
"Wait until lair comes out..."
"Wait until Metal Gear comes out..."
"Wait until Final Fantasy comes out..."
"Wait until Little Big Planet comes out..."

and on.. and on... and on... and we are still waiting for the destruction of the xbox 360 and the time where the PS3 sells like hot cakes...

So, get your facts straight... you are the ones says saying that... just like the comments I am replying to comments like, "how can MS compete with this?" and "MS has one big problem, they put all their eggs in one basket" funny you people had the same argument for ever... that the xbox 360 has or will have no games... and yet it's destroying the PS3 in terms of sales and attach rate... does the PS3 suck so bad that it's not able to oversell a piece of crap console without games like the xbox 360? What does that tell you about the PS3?

As I said before... my comments are reactive... control your brother in arms if you do not want to hear others mention some proven facts...

The Killer3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

i think all console makers will be happy at the end of the cycle, because

1: wii is already a success, wii managed to give nintendo billions of cash

2: 360 already above 20 million and it looks like we r in the beginning/middle of the console war so i think 360 can easily add 10-20 million to the current 20 million install base(if u dont count the defected console it will be something like 18 million)

3: ps3 will have a huge acceleration when the price goes down AND the main franchises get release like GOW3,FF13,FFvs13,team ICO game,killzone 2,GT5 and more new IP's! depending on when the ps3 will have its price cut it probably will sell something like 15-25 million in 2009! so i think ps3 will be the same or surpass the 360 install base in 2009! and if they continue their good work with another price cut in 2010 to 199 then ps3 will start to sell 2-3 million every month!

what i fail to see or will surprise me is

1: wii surpassing 100 million
2: 360 surpassing 50 million
3: ps3 NOT surpassing 80 million

which i think its a win win for everybody!

Doppy3633d ago


I agree and disagree with you.

Yes this is going to be huge, but Microsoft does have games coming out. They have Halo Wars, Halo Recon, Alan Wake, Forza 3, Ninja Blade, Fallout DLC, GTA DLC, 99 Nights 2 (umh.), Star Ocean: LH. And we can't forget MS doesn't reveal games until their no more than a couple of months away.

MS hasn't put all their eggs in one basket either, it's just that they don't have the same development muscle that Sony has. Sony has probably 20 or more developers, while MS doesn't even have 10 so they will never be able to produce as many games as Sony unless MS makes them work like Insomniac.

Yes Sony as a division is probably breaking even thanks to the PSP and PS2, but the PS3 is still losing money, which is what they really need to do to help them win the console war. I don't know if your figures are correct, but I get what you're saying. And XBL $50 does help with sells, but it also allows MS to buy DLC, and exclusives and timed exclusives (10 mil. users * $50 = $500 mil. a year).

Do I think the 360 will beat the PS3 this gen "NO", but they put up a really good fight. I think MS has more games planed for next year and E3 will show use that. I don't think they have enough games to combat Sony's exclusives in 2009, but I expect them to bounce back in 2010. I'm a defender of all consoles, and I don't think it's right to bash the other ones.

By the way I do prefer the PS3 more, even though I'm defending the 360 (check all my post if you don't believe me).

3633d ago
Blademask3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

GOW3 is coming off the success of GOW1/GOW2. PHEnOMENAL games.

KZ2 is coming off the success of KZ1, decent game.

Uncharted 2, again.

Resistance 2, Again

Motorstorm 2, again..

MGS4, again

All of these games just prove that all you need is just to cover the games, they are making these for the fans because we LOvE them. Everyone gets paid, everyone gets happy. The ps3 is leading this generation of GAMING for a reason. Because Sony knows we love unique games that you can only play on the PS3. Not the PC/360.

Everytime I see you, you fail. the ONLY thing you can do is talk about sales, as if the PS3 isn't at 17 million already after 2 years. This is all without a pricecut mind you.

Guess what, its OBVIOUS that Microsoft, with a year head start, has more consoles on the market. How many times you have to go over that? I dunno. I'm guessing its all you've got to hold onto now.

PS3 has all the multiplats the 360 has, plus real exclusives.

2009 360 exclusives

Halo wars
Halo3 recon
SC conviction (not confirmed)
Ninja Blade
Forza3 (not confirmed)

PC/360 bladestar wishlist for 2009(none confirmed)
Alan Wake/ Duke Nukem
Mass Effect 2

So where are the games? The same place they were in 2008. Ps3 had em, including highest scoring RPG and games. I even added some of the, never - gunna - come - out - anytime - soon multiplat games.

Either get to talking about games, or keep reading microsofts financial reports lol.

But yea bladestar is right..

If you want to stare at sales, and go "YES THE 360 HAD A YEAR HEAD START AND ITS SELING MORE!" and not play any good games outside of:

Gears of War

Buy a 360.

NickIni3633d ago

"ohh if I were you I wouldn't mention Halo in your xbox 360 bashing... it makes you sound stupid... God of war never got close to sell as many units as any halo game ever had."

Sales? Oh great. Tbh, in my opinion, Halo 3 is a poor shooter, no better than a game like Haze. Halo 2 and CE are better, but marginally in all honesty. They just sell because "OMFGFDF ITS HALO!!!"

"And it's funny you mention Halo 3 recon which is guarantee to once again sell a lot more copies than any game on the PS3 which includes God of war III which by the way... do not have a release date.. and just like Kill Zone 2... it can be a sony strategy to keep people buying PS3 and it can very well be release 4 years from now. When Halo 3 Recon already have a release date."

See, with Halo games, quality of product isn't certain, but sales are

DaTruth3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Y'all was predicting the death of PS3 before it was even on the market. Every forum was full in early 2006 claiming it was over for PS3, before it even began. Xbox fanboys were doing this before anyone even owned a PS3 and we all know it. Since the days when this site was home to 360 fanboys, they are all still here just you, firstknight and Mart are the only ones who haven't been converted. The rest threw in the towel and got a PS3. People don't win a console war and come to the next one on offense. It's clear who the sore losers are from last gen.

And ain't no brother in arms, I'm not a part of your little war. I was on this site for a year and a half before I even typed my first comment.

And that's DaTruth!!! Da cold hard Truth.

Bladestar3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

haha! how convenient.. all of the sudden how well a game sell does not matter... haha! For obvious reason Xbox 360 haters want to undermind sells... duhh!

Do you know why people do not buy a certain product? Because people believe it's not worth having it... quit crying about it... it's relative... When a product flops in terms of sales is because people aren't buying it... when people aren't buying it.. is because people do not think is worth it... Why a game like Halo sell more than any PS3 game? because a lot more people think Halo is a better game than the games you are talking about...

You can b!tch an moan all you want.. for as long as you want... and you can come up with a million excuses why the PS3 and it's games are better... but #'s do not lie... you are the minority... people vote with their wallets...

Take the Zune vs Ipod... a minority of us believe that Zune is more superior... because it's cost less and it give back more bang for the buck... but the majority buys the most expensive IPod...

I can't b!tch (as you are doing) about why some PS3 games are better... but facts are facts...

for the sake of historical accuracy... how many of you Predicted that Little Big Planet was going to be the biggest thing since Mario and YouTube? well... you overstimated... because Mario and YouTube have a lot more people to support their success... Here we are talking about how so superior these PS3 games are... and how crappy these xbox 360 games you are trying to undermine and guess what!? You have nothing to backup your arguments but mere dumb comments by a minority...

Remember children... People do not buy games that they think suck...

And you keep talking about quality and superiority when it comes to the PS3 and it's games... are you calling yourself stupid? because if that's the truth.. by the PS3 attach rate is the worst among the 3? If the games are so good.. why games like Little Big Planet aren't selling like hot cakes? how come games that suck so bad based on your standards (Gears 2, Fable 2, etc) are selling a lot better?

Ohh I get it... because the whole world it's stupid and you are the few minority that buys only PS3 and games like Little Big planet... and who every buys something else are just dumb...

NickIni3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

No, sales have NEVER mattered. There's no sudden change.

Poor advertising is the reason Bladester. You know it. Everyone knows it. Just fanboys like you like to put it down to "bad quality".

DiabloRising3632d ago

Bladestar, if you want to be taken more seriously, stop lumping in all PS3 fanboys together as this hardcore, idiotic and closed minded anti-Xbox crowd. Likewise, stop lumping all Xbox fanboys together as this benevolent logic using crowd. It really undermines any point you are trying to make. Gross generalizations don't help anyone. Fanboys are stupid by definition.

Blademask3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )


Gaming history:

1. Game sales matter, to warrant making a sequel. Which all major ps3 games qualify.

End of history lesson.


2. LBP sales, The game isn't even out for 3 months. It is Innovative, it is amazing, and its the highest rated exclusive on the ps3, or the 360. Its a PHENOMENAL game? Are you missing that? BUH BUH THE FANBOYS SAID IT WAS GUNNA BE YOUTUBE, What the hell does that matter? Epic said Gears2 was going to be better than the first one. Microsoft said RROD is fixed with every single new chipset. Its not.

Does that take anything away from the actual games? No. Not at all. You don't get a SINGLE DOLLAR from Microsoft. So you can stop defending them in every post trying to make a sales argument. EVERYONE GETS THAT GAMEs HAVE TO SELL. Just like the PS3 games have sold well enough to warrant sequels. So what the hell? Can you just keep saying Sales SALES SALES and ignore games? Its PATHETIC.

Keep washing and repeating what you are saying about sales, because you dont have any games in 08 or 2009 to even mention.

I've owned you on every single point you have tried to make, and all you can do is go 'buh buh sales'

Are you a gamer or NOT? Stop avoiding it.

The PS3 has better games, better RATED games. It has an actual announced lineup with Stories/News/Press. Unlike any of the 360's "Halo projects"

Every time you avoid talking about GAMES on NEWS FOR GAMERS you just embarrass yourself. You are talking to some non existant fanboys, because im pretty sure by now, everyone on this site has bought a PS3 outside of You and Mart.


Either start responding to what people are saying.. or keep just talking about sales. Sales matter, but not as much as GOOD GAMES do.

and again, if you want the good games..

theres one place to get them until MS starts actually making an attempt outside of Halo and Gears.

Stop acting retarded, you know MS is spending more on advertising this gen because they have nothing else they can do but hope the PS3 doesn't drop its price any time soon.

PirateThom3632d ago

In other words, to paraphrase that for tl;dr crowd:

360 was the choice of gamers in 2007, now the PS3 is.

ablecain3632d ago

Sarah Palin isn't sure what the Nintendo Doctrine is.

Aku3632d ago

this is just an honest question that needs an honest answer, im just really curious, do you own any other console other than the XBOX360??? If so, what other consoles. And if not, is it by choice???

Gun_Senshi3632d ago

if sales matter so much then Britney Spears is best Singer

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TIKUP3633d ago

Well iv had a boner since they showed that teaser of GOW3 and it hasnt gone down since!!!!

XXXCouture3633d ago

Yeah i'm almost sexually attracted to Kratos, his facial animations in the teaser were just amazing


Yes im serious.I am under NDA so i cant go into detail.All i can say is that it makes mgs4,uncharted,gears2,killzone 2 graphics all look LAST GEN.

blackpanther253632d ago

wow really. that makes me really happy i traded my 360 for my brother's ps3 lol

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INehalemEXI3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Spike Video Game Awards - Live on Sun, Dec. 14th at 9PM/10C

8 days 7hrs 40 min from now @ the time of this post, my friend.


U need to get some pu$$y fast...

PoSTedUP3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

good thing its not too faraway! this is going to be and early Christmas right here, i dont know what i am more excited for anymore, killzone2, gowIII, WKC, infamous etc. (uncharted2 maybe?) too many great things to look forward to.

well, off to work i go....

WANNA GET HIGH3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

The topic is only about god of war3 trailer.But i still think u make good points so have a bubble.